Win a Violet + Rose Scented Candle!

Violet and Rose Scented Candles

“I have a pretty simple rule of thumb when choosing candles scents,” says Jo Reid, the talented lady behind local brand Violet + Rose. “If it smells like bubble gum or air freshener, it’s no go!”. This is just one of the reasons why I adore these brand new scented candles. Here’s a few more that’ll […]

Dorsia Hotel: One for the Colour Lovers!

Dorsia Hotel Bathroom

Never in my life have I seen such a colourful and flamboyant place to stay as Dorsia hotel, which is going to test even the most diehard lovers of bold design. It’s anything but understated, with an interior so OTT that you’d barely belief it actually exists! Situated in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dorsia opened its doors a few years […]