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The bathroom and kitchen are two zones that age the quickest in a home and are often the first places potential buyers look to when they're inspecting your abode. Today's post is unveiling the budget solution that'll transform these areas without you having to spend much mula - and giving you a fresh new perspective in the process!

“I was bored with beige,” says Xavier&Me founder Ellie Bradley, when I ask her why her website celebrates all things colourfully chic. “Yes it’s safe and goes with everything, but colour makes you smile, feel happy. Your homes should be a reflection of you and I wanted to come home to bright colour”. It’s really little wonder I’m so smitten with this local brand with an ethos like that! 

Vignettes seems to be a design buzzword showing no signs of going away. Used to describe a brief scene - predominantly featuring homewares or decor - it's become something we all like to take part in creating. I gave vignette queen Yvette Wilson of The Stylist Splash a holler and asked her to share her tips on styling and snapping the perfect vignette. On with the dreamy scenery!

All of the shots in this post are from Yvette's Instagram account and are my faves from her abundant collection. Once you gaze over them, you'll understand why I call her the queen of vignettes; she really has en eye for creating stunning mini moments. 

Here's how Yvette styles and snaps her perfect vignettes...

 The Stylist Splash on Creating Vignettes

Adding no synthetic chemical fragrances or preservatives to its soaps, local biz Nakeba has me well and truly head over heels for its bath products, the faves of which are these delectable soaps. These organic treasures are just some of the handmade bath-time essentials this local brand produces - and they've made for a divine addition to my bathroom. 

There's nothing I love more than a bargain buy. They're great as finishing touches in a room and are often just as show-stopping as the pricier pieces you had to beg your bank account to let you purchase. These 10 bargain homewares buys are affordable, gorgeous and just what the doctor ordered to add some interest to your room!