This is the Thailand Hotel I’m Staying in.

Thailand Hotel - Pullman hotel Phuket

Please spare a thought for me this weekend as you go about your regular routine; I have to stay in this Thailand hotel getting daily massages and throwing back champagne brekkie’s. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it! Wanna take a look inside the Phuket paradise where I’ll be spending six glorious days? […]

Art on Homewares by Kim Leutwyler.

Kim Leutwyler Clock and Cushion

I’ve become a bit captivated by Kim Leutwyler art. Not only are the styles so varied, but the range of surfaces you can spread them across is pretty amazing, too; prints, cards, mugs, cushions, clocks, iPhone cases and more. It’s a union between art and homewares that is an undeniable match made in heaven!