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I've had many a moment standing in my living room trying to work out why it doesn't feel right. If you've ever had a similar scenario in your own space, this post is going to help, by pointing out five key issues that are stopping your living room from working - and how to fix them!

I jumped in Alicia Silverstone last week (that's the name of my car) and went on a road trip to Berry to explore its must-see homewares stores. There's a lot of them on and around the main strip of this town, but these four are by far my favourites. I may have also spent a fair amount of cash on lollies in the local ice-creamery, but that's another story altogether!

I adore the cold. There’s nothing I love more than an open fire, glass of red and anything containing even trace amounts of chocolate. The cold weather is also a fab opportunity to gather indoors with friends (or your main squeeze) and get entertaining. This season, IKEA has come to the party - with a killer competition to make wintertaining a breeze!