Submit your Favourite Local Venues for my New Book

TLC Interiors is writing a book

It’s true, Creatives – my lifelong dream of writing a book has finally come to fruition! I’ve signed on to author a book with one of the countries top publishers and I couldn’t be more excited. It really was one of the goals I put on my ‘dreams’ list when I started TLC Interiors and it’s […]

Scandinavian Design Ideas for Every Pocket of your Home

Scandinavian Design - Scandinavian Bedroom

Now, you know I love colour. But if I were to get a hall pass from bright decor I’d be sure to spend a night with Scandinavian design. There’s something so breathtaking about Scandi spaces, and I find that they’re the images I tend to gasp over the most in that “take me there immediately” sort of […]