11 Dogs that are Pissed off with your Decor Choices

Dog on Floral Sofa

Dogs are hilarious creatures – and often some of the naughtiest. I happen to think that when it comes to the home, they’re sometimes the Yoda of decor you never knew you had. In this post, we’re going to take a look at 11 dogs who clearly know their stuff when it comes to decorating and […]

The Block Contestants: Where are They Now? (Part 1)

The Block Contestants: Max and Karstan

 I often wonder about The Block contestants post-filming, don’t you? Some dynamic duos go on to do big things. Others you never hear from again. That’s not to say that the ones you don’t hear about aren’t off forging successful careers away from the camera, but it takes a certain knack, talent and determination to […]