IKEA’s new Nipprig Collection is a Woven and Rattan Delight

Woven storage baskets from the new IKEA Nipprig range

Another day, another heart palpitation. Sometimes homewares releases are just too much for me to cope with, especially when they’re as stunning as this new IKEA Nipprig collection. My heart was racing when I first laid eyes on them late last week and it’s racing now as I type this. IKEA, you’ve done it again. And yes, […]

Scandi Meets Bondi: Discover (and Win) New Homewares from Zakkia

Zakkia Homewares

It’s a little hard to sum up Zakkia. Yes, it’s a homewares brand and a gorgeous online store, but the exact style of products on offer is a toughie to lock in. Which is probably a good thing. You certainly can’t pigeon hole the them, though it is fair to say the products are an […]