What it’s Really like to Live with a Decorating Addict

Living Room Ideas from Choices Flooring

Readers of TLC Interiors will know all too well that I’m utterly obsessed with decorating. Chances are that you too have an obsession with all things homewares. But have you ever wondered what it’s like for our partners to put up with all this decor craziness? Wonder no more! I’ve asked my partner Gavin to share […]

Temple & Webster names the Homewares Trends we can’t stop Buying

Shibori Interior Design and Homewares from Temple and Webster

I love reading about trends. I love it when forecasters predict what’s coming up, I love seeing them hit stores and I love seeing how people interpret them in their homes. It’s the latter category that often intrigues me most. It’s all very good and well for a forecaster to tell us that a Nordic theme is on the way, for […]