Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas don’t get more on-Trend than this

Peace on Earth gold foil Christmas Card by Rachel Kennedy Designs

Every year I search high and low for Christmas gift wrapping ideas. Then I hit the stores and search high and low for wrap and cards that fit in with the theme I’ve chosen. Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan, or I can’t find the exact ones I want.

Go Bold in the Bathroom with new Mermania Tiles by Tim Neve

Tim Never Memania Tiles on TLC Interiors

When I hosted last month’s Tile & Style workshop with The Block’s Kyal and Kara, one of the things I discovered was just how many things you can do with tiles. Not that it should really come as a surprise, of course, but feature tiles really can transform a space like no other material can. […]

Everyday Inspo: A Coastal Design Scheme Inspired by Melbourne Graffiti

New Coastal Interior Style | TLC Interiors

I’m a firm believer in being inspired by the everyday. I think if you look hard enough, you can pretty much use anything in your everyday life (even the seemingly mundane) to inspire an interior design scheme. It could be a tree you pass on the way to work, a piece of jewellery you wear all […]