/    /  November

Everyone was a bit hard on this season of The Blocktagon. It felt like, at every turn, people were telling me that they just couldn't get into it.Some blamed the personalities of the season, others said that the buildings shape and structure was uninspiring, while others were just all Blocked out after seeing three seasons back to back in the space of a year.

I was just saying the other day on the blog that the coastal interior is being reinvented.We're moving away from those more nautical influences like anchors, blue and white stripes and boats, and embracing a more tropical, lush and zesty aesthetic (think palm trees and mojitos).

The Block is almost over, people. I'm half devastated not to be recapping it every Monday morning and looking at all of the gorgeous imagery from the reveals, and half relived to have a small breather until the show returns for more in 2016.