How to Create a Sharpie Mug for your Kids for next to Nothing

DIY Sharpie Mug Tutorial Finished Mug

Whether they’re a pirate, a princess or a superhero that just won’t eat their peas, meal times can sometimes be quite the battle. I’m Georgi from Print Weave Create and this fortnight’s tutorial adds a bit of fun-factor to breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s right; we’re going to create a Sharpie Mug!   The best […]

10 Bargain Christmas Gift Ideas for under $40 (and all Local Brands)

Bird Art by Okay Luna on TLC Interiors Blog

This week’s Conversation Series post detailed how much I adore Christmas. It also revealed that it never used to be this way – and that the festive season used to stress me out like you wouldn’t believe (you can read the full post here). Part of that stress was due to Christmas shopping; not knowing what […]