Crystal Meanings Explained: Top 5 Crystals and how they Can Heal

Amethist Cluster from Rock and Co Crystal Meanings

Whether you’re across crystal meanings or not, there’s something truly magical about a crystal if you ask me. I’ve got a few in my home, that sit on my desk in the office, and they look absolutely stunning. The glisten, the shine, the ability to work them into vignettes with ease; there’s just so much to […]

The New Bespoke Collection from Felix Furniture is a Must-See

Flynn Buffet from Felix Furniture on TLC Interiors

Now you know I don’t discriminate when it comes to furniture and decor. I love it whether it’s designer, dirt cheap, handmade or off the factory floor. But I’ve gotta say, I do have a penchant for bespoke pieces, especially when I know they’ve been created locally. This is exactly what you get when you snap […]