Bathroom Inspiration: 6 Expert Tips to Make this Space look Amazing

black bathroom hexagonal black wall tiles freestanding bath with view from metricon

Getting bathroom inspiration is all good and well. I could personally pin dream bathroom imagery for days (there’s nothing better than losing four hours of your life in a Pinterest hole; am I right?!). But getting ideas you can then implement yourself at home is another thing altogether. That’s what this post aims to do for you; […]

The New Luxe Decor Brand you need to know About

copper tray with marble candelabra by marble and metal the life creative

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across luxe decor brand Marble and Metal. It was either on Instagram, Etsy, Facebook or when I fell into one of my many Pinterest holes. I can’t be certain, considering I spend so much time in these places online. But I do know that when I discovered the […]