How to Tackle Settling the Cats into a new Home

Settling cats into a new home black shorthair cat on bed

Settling cats into a new home (or even one you’ve been in a while) can be a tricky scenario. And from what I’ve learnt as a cat dad, the personality of the kitty always effects how they’ll cope with change, too. I’ve moved my two cats into about three new homes each over the years, and most recently […]

Surviving Flatpack Furniture Assembly with Your Partner

light grey bedroom with ikea malm flatpack furniture

Forget meeting your partner’s parents or moving house. If you really want to put your relationship to the test, consider a trip to IKEA followed by the unparalleled joy and rapture of assembling the furniture you just argued over buying. Come to think of it, TV show’s like The Bachelor should abandon ‘meet the family […]