The Proven 5-Step Process We Use with Every Design Client

black metal storage unit and black globewest side table in entryway with fake plants

The interior design process can seem like a complex one if you’re not familiar with it. And as a potential client, it makes perfect sense that you’re not familiar with it. But let me assure you, it’s a really stress-free journey for you, because we’ve been following the same procedures for so long. We ironed […]

Dining Chair Styles: Our 60 Faves and Where to Buy Them

purple velvet dining chairs with black metal legs interior secrets modern luxe dining room

Given the crazy Covid times we’re living in right now, who can blame you for wanting to dining chair styles online as opposed to shopping for them in-store? If you’ve been internet trawling like a demon but not found what you’re looking for, I reckon this post is going to be your saviour. As with […]