The Aussie Brand Helping you Display your Kids Art in Style

lecky studio acrylic fluro box frames on the life creative

Fact: children bring home enough art and craft creations to fill a quarry ten times over. And that’s just on the first day of preschool. Their masterpieces have involved minutes of up-to-the-armpit workmanship, and it’s with enormous pride that the artist presents the daily output to you, in all its still-wet finery. For many creations, […]

Living on-site while Renovating: What you Need to Know

hardhats construction site renovating with kids the life creative

Renovating is stressful, period. Adding a complex, bank-breaking, life-disrupting project into our already busy existence sounds like utter lunacy, yet so many of us find ourselves there, up to our armpits in sawdust, for a whole assortment of reasons. Add to this delightful renovating scenario the responsibility that never sleeps – parenting – and you’ve […]

Tween Boys Bedrooms: Ideas, Inspiration & a Shopable Moodboard

Teen Rooms Tween boys bedroom from Norsu Black and White Boys Room

Teen Rooms: How to Style a Tween Boy’s Bedroom The Tween years; for a boy, it’s a fascinating, exciting, sometimes tumultuously testosterone-spiked age. But don’t just sit there quivering in the corner anticipating the hormone hurricane to come. Jump on that journey with him! Embrace that emerging individuality, that new independence, that evolving style. Shout it […]