The Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe (that’s Simple to Make)

ultmate chocolate cake recipe with sprinkles on the life creative

I’m not lying when I call this the ultimate chocolate cake recipe. Whenever I make this cake for someone, I can guarantee that I’ll get invited to their next event. And spoiler alert: it’s not because of my stimulating conversation! It’s honestly that good. This cake is rich but not too sweet, and it’s so moist and […]

Vegan Coconut Cake that Tastes as good as the Real Thing

vegan coconut cake recipe with purple flower icing the life creative

Okay, okay, easy does it; there’s no need for the eye rolling. I’m not here to push some vegan agenda or convince you that a bunch of chia seeds, rice flour and soy milk will make a delicious cake, because let’s face it – when you want a piece of cake, you want the best […]

The Tastiest White Choc and Lemon Cookie Recipe Ever

white choc and lemon cookie recipe flatlay the life creative

I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a hard time understanding why people would make cookies when you can easily just buy them already made. Maybe this stems from my disdain for washing up and cleaning up the kitchen after I’ve spent all that time baking, or the fact that Subway cookies and Oreos […]

The Chocolate Muffin Recipe that’s Good for You (Kinda Not Really)

chocolate muffin recipe choc chip muffin gold fork

If I’m being completely honest, before Chris asked me to share a chocolate muffin recipe, I didn’t have one in my repertoire. You see, I’ve been know to say that muffins are just ugly cupcakes, and I will stand by that. However, I have also learnt to appreciate muffins for what they are, and not what […]