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Bailey’s Banana Pops: the Easiest DIY Ice Cream Recipe

Bailey's and Banana Ice Cream Recipe - Using Zoku Ice Cream Maker

You won’t see me auditioning for Master Chef anytime soon (I’d barely get through the kids version). That said, I do like a dabble in the kitchen. After last weeks failed attempt to make ice creams at home, the gang from Zoku hooked me up with their ice cream maker. The result? I finally produced my Bailey’s and Banana Paddle Pops! Here’s the very easy ice cream recipe.

The beauty of this entire scenario is that you only need three ingredients:

  • Two shots of Bailey’s (less if you want to stay nice, more if you’re looking to get rowdy)
  • Half a banana (again, more if this fruit is your thing, but it’s pretty overpowering)
  • Two scoops of Ice Cream (you can use milk instead – about a cup)

Bailey's and Banana Ice Cream Recipe - Using Zoku Once the mixture is blended into a liquid, using the Zoku is probably so simple I could get my cats to do it for me (I reckon they’d be all for it, too). See below for the easy how-to:

Zoku Ice Cream Maker - Bailey's and Banana Ice Cream Recipe

1 | Grab the Zoku from the freezer (it needs a full 24 hours to freeze completely)
2 | Pop the plastic sticks provided into the ice cream slots/moulds
3 | Pour the mixture up to the fill line indicator (I won’t judge you if you drink the leftovers)
4 | Leave it for between seven and nine minutes, then twist the ice cream out

Chris from The Life Creative - Zoku Ice Cream Recipe

The beauty of this maker is that you can tweak the recipe and make just about any flavour combination you like. I would adore some sort of watermelon/peach/vokda ice block scenario. I think that’ll be next on my list.

You can buy Zoku at Peter’s of Kensington, Victoria’s Basement and other local stores, or hit the website and find out more!

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.50.00 AM

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Comments (4)

  • Gav

    Yum! What a great little invention.

    • tlcreative

      It makes the process so easy. Good to use just before a dinner party I reckon!

  • I want to get rowdy! Three shots of Baileys for me!

    • tlcreative

      haha go for it 🙂 I devoured two of them after making the batch and I will openly admit that it was a relaxing afternoon after that!


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