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DIY craft tutorial on The Life Creative - Bleach Serviettes

How to Make Colourful Fabric Napkins for your Table


This fortnight’s craft project is all about being bold, creating a statement on your table and getting your guests talking!

Crafting doesn’t have to be complicated to have a striking result. I’m Georgi from @asplashofcolour_blog and this fortnight’s tutorial is incredibly simple. It’s a great way to spruce up old napkins or turn plain coloured serviettes into abstract textiles.

What you’ll need for this craft project:

  • Plain coloured fabric serviettes/napkins
  • Bleach
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves 

DIY craft tutorial - Bleach Serviette on The Life Creative

Step 1

Unfold your fabric serviettes, lay each one flat on top of newspaper or find an area where you are happy to spray bleach and lay the serviettes out flat.

Step 2

Pop on the rubber gloves and pour a small amount of bleach into your spray bottle.

DIY bleach serviette tutorial on The Life Creative

Step 3

Starting from one corner of the serviette, liberally spray the bleach onto the serviette in any direction you desire.

If you’re like me, there were a few grease marks on the serviettes that needed covering up, so I focused on those areas and soaked those particular sections in a little more bleach.

DIY craft tutorial on The Life Creative - Bleach Serviettes

Step 4

Allow the serviettes to completely dry and then rinse each one thoroughly, under warm water, until the bleach smell has completely gone.

Again, allow the serviettes to completely dry before use. If the bleach smell continues to linger, then wash the serviettes in your washing machine, using your regular washing detergent.

DIY Bleach Serviette craft tutorial on The Life Creative

>>> Once you have created your serviettes, share it with us on Instagram! Tag @tlifecreative or @asplashofcolour_blog in your creations or hashtag #createasplashofcolour.

Georgi Redfern is a colour-loving handmade enthusiast, avid crafter and arts marketing professional. Her passion for encouraging creativity and supporting local makers and artists has evolved into the launch of a dedicated blog, A Splash of Colour.

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