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DIY furniture legs painted

How To Paint Furniture Legs: A Simple and Effective Transformation

DIY Painted Furniture Legs on The Life Creative

Sometimes, it’s the simple craft ideas that end up being the most mind-blowing. It was certainly the case when I found myself stuck in a blog hole online and discovered a gorgeous website called Morning by Foley. I was so taken aback by this craft project on how to paint furniture legs that I thought it’d be practically criminal if I didn’t share it with you, so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

The creator of the website, Amelia, created these gorgeous legs for her bed and I reckon they rock a room and make for a real talking point. It’s often the legs of furniture that are totally forgotten about or made purely with function in mind, so I’m beyond thrilled to see that someone has thought outside the box and taken a basic leg in a whole new direction!

DIY Painted furniture legs - tools

The products you need for the project are minimal and affordable, so it’s a cute and crafty DIY you can knock over in a day with little spend.

If you don’t have wooden legs on your existing furniture, you can buy some from Bunnings or other hardware stores. I’d recommend measuring the height of your existing leg though to ensure you don’t buy a leg that once on your sofa or bed will elevate it too much. You don’t want it to look too high for your surrounding bedsides or tables.

Apart from the legs themselves, you just need some painters tape, also available at Bunnings (I swear this is not an advertorial for Bunnings lol), rollers or brushes and some paint that’ll go onto wood. For an seamless application, you can’t go past Rustoleum spray paints. I’ve used them before and they go so easily to a variety of finishes -including wood – and are a paint and primer in one.

Read more about Rustoleum Spray Paint here.

The legs will need two coats of paint minimum and just ensure you peel off the painters tape before the paint dries, to ensure you get a clean line and no bleeding.

DIY furniture legs painted

>>> What do you think of this painted furniture legs DIY idea? I have an old sideboard at home I would love to apply this idea to (if my partner will let me dabble). I just think it gives a piece a very new and interesting lease on life.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Would you give this idea a go?

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    OMG I totally want to do this NOW!!.. muck it up just paint over it huh?!

    9 January, 2015
  • Love these.

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