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Christmas Stocking - How to Wrap Presents

How to wrap a present (plus win a $100 typo voucher)

Sure, presents are awesome at Christmas, birthdays and other big occasions, but I’ve always said that the way you wrap a present is just as important as what waits inside. I go to great lengths – especially during the festive season – to hunt down stunning paper, accent ribbon and any other bells and whistles I can get my hands on, and suggest you do the same if you really want to create a moment for the recipient of your pressie.

But if you’re a bit of a rookie when it comes to gift wrapping and find the entire process a bit of a headache, here are some tips on how to wrap a present perfectly:

How to Wrap Presents - Typo  Christmas Wrapping Paper

Square or Rectangle Gift Wrapping

These shapes are made for paper, so look for rolls of gift wrap as opposed to folded varieties. Folded papers may create an unwanted crease in your pressie, while a rolled variety will glide across your gift seamlessly. Brown paper never goes out of style, but it needs some colourful hue to make it pop. I recommend ribbon in hot pink, turquoise or even black and white (for a more subdued look). You may even want to wrap a second strip of soft cardboard around your wrapped present – before you apply ribbon – to add some extra dimension to the gift, like in the picture above from Typo.

Christmas Stocking - How to Wrap Presents

Round or Cylindrical Gift Wrapping

I wouldn’t even look at a roll of paper when it comes to wrapping shapes like this, because you’re going to end up with a lot of creases, or you’ll need to be quite the whiz with scissors to cut in just the right places to make it look good. I’d definitely go for gift bags when it comes to presenting gifts in these shapes, but don’t let it stop there. You can pimp your bag with colourful ribbon by using a hole punch at the top of the bag and then feeding the ribbon through, effectively closing the gift bag. It’s also a great opportunity to slide in a gift tag on some twine to make the gift pop.

How to Wrap Presents - Christmas Sacks

Oversized and/0r Multiple Present Gift Wrapping

If your recipient is lucky enough to get a large gift from you or a bundle of smaller ones, presenting them in a sack is the best move here, because it makes transporting the gift an easy journey. If you choose a bag that is decorated and/or screen printed on the outside, the recipient is still given a moment of surprise as they open the sack and you avoid having to wrap a jumbo gift. That said, if you are giving a number of smaller gifts and they’re square or rectangle in shape, I’d still advise you wrap those before you bag them (let’s not be cutting corners, OK?).

Win a $100 Typo Voucher!

To Enter the Competition:

– Hit the Typo Wrapping and Card Department (Click here)
– Drop a comment below naming your fave wrap or card and why

Comp Open to Aus residents only. Comp ends 11.59pm Friday December 19.

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Comments (32)

  • I love love love the new “hall” range of cards – like the peace love & happiness or the “wow, what a cutie..” because seriously there are not enough “just cause” cards out there. And there is nothing better than opening up your mailbox to find a whole heap of “just ’cause” love pouring out

  • Maddison stone

    Love love love the give it to me tags! They are fun and funky! And I love to have everything coordinated under my tree!

  • Melissa Onken

    My favourite is the card about Jane going down the mountain on her skis until she breaks her knees (I can’t remember the exact words I’m waiting for my order to arrive and it’s not on the website anymore!) I love it because it can be sung to the tune of jingle bells which my kids are currently obsessed with and it’s on repeat on the cd player, the only way I can make it bearable is by singing the above in my head instead!

  • Belinda B.

    I love the natural wrap look – I would go the natural flat wrap (brown recycled paper) with the typo twine and a black/white “This is your present” tag. I love the natural brown paper look presents under the tree – makes your christmas tree really stand out!

  • Mine fave gift wrapping from Typo is no longer listed on their site. I purchased the fabric gift bags shown in one of your photos for all gifts this year. They are way too funky but can also be used as their santa sacks next year. But from what’s listed on Typo, I would say the tag dag sets as they would compliment my gift bags.

  • kristy

    I really love the “give it to me” little tags. Super cute

  • denise macfarlane

    The Stuff It Gift Bag that says This Is Your Present – because no matter how many youtube videos I watch, I still wrap like a preschooler!

  • Rachel Lockery

    I absolutely love the Embellishment cards,so different,so pretty and personalised.I also love the DIY Cards,i think a personally made card adds that extra special touch.

  • Carly

    My favourite is the puzzle card, because it allows me to facilitate all requests relating to the provision of Xmas cheer!

  • Des

    Stuff it Gift Bags, genius idea, open top drop in gift, pretty!

  • The snap happy birthday card range is so pretty but works for guys and girls alike

  • Wendi

    I like to make all my gifts to look neat and tidy so I would use the Stuff it Gift Bags, practical and festive

  • Sue B

    Happy Whatever! wrap….. something to keep on hand for ANY situation.

  • Kirsty

    I love the Choose Your Own Occasion cards, I’ve had a soft spot for these kinds of cards since I was little, plus it means I have a go-to card for any last-minute gifts.

  • Kate

    The Embellishment cards are my favourite because they have touches of whimsy that makes them special…and are sure to make the recipient feel special too.

  • caro jenkins

    Absolutely love the puzzle cards, they are great fun for the recipient

  • Kaz Tindall

    I love, love love the neon pink reindeer on brown paper wrap. Love its screen printed look. I also like the quote on the card. Eat until you fall asleep! Too cool.

  • Jennifer

    I’m love with the neutral “flat wrap” wrapping paper (paired with the jute twine & cute “give it to me” gift tags). My fave part of christmas is wrapping the presents and this gives me the opportunity to draw or decorate each of my gifts and make them a little bit special.

  • Alicia

    The shut up card range – they suit my personality perfectly by saying what you really mean 🙂

  • sharyn w

    The Thank You card (the black one with the flowers) – it is lovely plus sending a thank you card really means a lot to people 🙂

  • Lilly Mills

    I love the “flat wrap” in solid! It is so simple yet with a few tags and ribbon can transform into a beautifully wrapped present! By using a solid base, adding pattern and colour to it enhances the overall look rather than clashes!

  • Kieren Miller

    To the man in your life…Don’t go Bacon my heart…I couldn’t if I Fried…because the only way to get through to a man is through his stomach xxx At least it’s true with my man

  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for your great gift wrapping tips! Using your advice, I would wrap my gift in Typo’s black flat wrap paper, place a photo of a favourite memory with the person on the face, and finish the look with Typo’s turquoise craft ribbon. I also love gift bags and that ‘Stuff it’ one is too adorable to pass up!

    Such a fun and trendy range of wrapping and cards – you can’t really go wrong with any of them, can you?

  • The card that says what everyone is thinking I LOVE FRUIT CAKE …. SAID NO ONE EVER!
    I adore Typo cards they have such humour and personality in their range 🙂

  • Joanna

    I just finished wrapping all my Christmas presents (37 in total!!! – eek) in the Typo Christmas roll wrap 3 pack (kraft and red) and then made Christmas cards with the leftover paper. I may be biased but the gifts look so gorgeous, all matching and waiting to be unwrapped.

  • Benjamin Travia

    ‘This is Your Present Card’. Simple yet factual.

  • Cynthia

    I love the 3D card with glasses (in fact I just screenshotted it so I can look for it instore!)
    I’d give it to hubby who at any opportunity will whinge about being the eldest and having his little siblings breaking his stuff, including his special colouring book that came with 3D glasses. This card would totally make him (and the whole family!) laugh!

  • Brigette Lomax

    I love the jute stringe. I use string on everything. The tags are great too. I especially love the tag that says “this is your present”. Thanks Chris. Merry Christmas.

  • Kim

    Love the animalistic cards!! My friends are all dog lovers and these are the cutest… Especially the one with the puppy wanting to lick your face!!

  • Fiona Grant

    Love all the animal cards but especially “Happy Pugging 30th”…
    The flat wrap in craft is perfect for me to add my own bling, to make the wrapping look extra special!!!

  • libbyb54

    I love the HAPPY WHATEVER wrapping paper. Love the black and white and the attitude. Good fun.


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