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How to Yarn Bomb on TLC Interiors

Craft Tutorial: How to Yarn Bomb like a Boss in 6 Easy Steps

On our last family beach holiday, it became ritual to walk along the shore collecting shells and pieces of drift wood (and plenty of smelly, dried seaweed!). My children were keen to create a memento from our holiday, and whilst our interior styling isn’t coastal we do however, love an eclectic look, mixing pieces from our life and incorporating pops of colour!

I’m Georgi from A Splash of Colour and this fortnight’s tutorial turns drab old wood into fabulous yarn bomb branches – create a colourful table centrepiece or simply group the wrapped branches together to fashion your own vibrant installation.

How to Yarn Bomb like a Boss in 6 Easy Steps

What you will need to create your yarn bomb:

  • Driftwood or dried branches – different sizes and configurations work best
  • Wool
  • Craft glue – ensure it dries clear
  • Scissors

 Yarn Bomb Step 1

Step 1

Take your first branch and glue the end of the ball of wool onto the stick.

Yarn Bomb Step 2 Yarn Bomb Step 3

Step 2 & 3

Holding the glued end in place, start wrapping the wool around the stick tightly, working your way up the stick to create a section of wrapped wool.

Yarn Bomb Step 4 Yarn Bomb Step 5

Step 4 & 5

Once you are satisfied with the amount of wool wrapped around the branch, you can either finish off that colour (go to Step 6) or continue on and add more wool onto the stick.

To add another colour of wool onto the branch, cut the original length of wool from the ball and choose your second colour of wool. Tie the loose ends of the two wools together. Ensure you tie the lengths into a double knot and trim any excess wool from your knot.

Make sure the knot created is on the same side of the stick as where you first glued the first colour of wool – that way there is a front and back to your branch, and you don’t end up with dried glue patches and knots everywhere.

Continue wrapping the wool up the branch further, creating a second band of coloured wood. For the first wrap of the second colour, I would recommend wrapping it over the top of the knot.

Yarn Bomb Step 6

Step 6

Once happy with the amount of the second coloured wool (or third or fourth or fifth … it’s up to you how many colours wrap up the branch!), cut the length of wool free from the ball and glue in place.

Finished Yarn Bomb stick on TLC Interiors Completed Yarn Bomb Project

Finishing Touches

Again, ensure you finish the wool on the same side as you glued your first wool end. Trim any excess wool.

And be creative – wrap small or large sections of mixed colour or single coloured wool around your branch!

Share your finished yarn bomb project with us on Instagram! And don’t forget to tag @tlifecreative in your creations.

yarn bombing craft tutorial on the life creative blog

Georgi Redfern is a colour-loving handmade enthusiast, avid crafter and arts marketing professional. Her passion for encouraging creativity and supporting local makers and artists has evolved into the launch of a dedicated blog, A Splash of Colour.


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