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Kids Craft Ideas from Me and My Girl on The Life Creative

Easy Kids Craft Ideas that Cost Almost Nothing to Make

Some parents I know cringe at the words ‘crafting with your kids’. But I love it. And I’m gonna do my best to change that mindset, especially because kids craft ideas don’t need to take a lot of time (or stress) to organise. 

With a few simple supplies, you can create really fun stuff. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either, and odds are, you probably have some of these bits and bobs already. You can find all the things on the list below, from local $2 shops and/or supermarkets. Oh and party supply shops are such a fab resource!

The Life Creative Kids Craft Ideas from Me and My Girl

Kids Craft Ideas that Cost Almost Nothing

I recommend the following to get you started with your kids craft ideas:

– coloured drinking straws (different colours and/or patterns)

– pipe cleaners

– party streamers

– cupcake liners (2-3 different colours/patterns)

– coloured tissue paper (2-3 different colours/patterns)

– curling ribbon

– feathers

– coloured wool

Here’s my simple step-by-step guide to create two kids craft ideas: colourful garlands and pretty paper flowers. Enjoy!

Craft Ideas for Kids on The Life Creative by Me and My Girl

Colourful Garlands

A. Prep

Step 1: Cut lengths of coloured wool (about a metre will do)

Step 2: Cut drinking straws into small pieces (in varying lengths)

Step 3: Pierce a hole in the middle of the cupcake liners with a skewer  

Step 4: Cut small lengths of streamers, fold (accordion-style), and pierce in middle with a skewer

You may want to prepare all the pieces first, and separate into small baskets/bowls, or you could use a clean baking tray (the cupcake ones are great).

B. Make

Step 5: Tie a double knot at one end of a length of wool

Step 6: At the other end, thread a piece of straw, then a cupcake liner, then a length of accordion streamer

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 until the length of wool is complete, and tie a knot to secure

(If you’d like a really long garland, join the metre lengths together)

C. Smile

Step 9: Hang them all over the house and marvel at your masterpieces. Instant interior decorating that you, and your little ones have created. You can’t go past that.

Me and My Girl Craft Ideas for Kids on The Life Creative

Pretty Paper Flowers

A. Prep

Step 1: Pierce a hole in the middle of the cupcake liners with a skewer

Step 2: Cut lengths of curling ribbon, around 10cm, and curl (you’ll need to do this for the small ones)

Step 3: Cut small squares of tissue paper, scrunch up, and pierce a hole with a skewer

B. Make

Step 4: Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole of a cupcake liner

Step 5: Add a piece of scrunched up tissue paper

Step 6: Add another cupcake liner

Step 7: Add another piece of scrunched up tissue paper

Step 8: Add a few more cupcake liners to make it look like a full flower

Step 9: Bend over the top of the pipe cleaner, and tie some curling ribbon on it

Step 10: Repeat Steps 4-9 to create more flowers

C. Smile

Step 10: Pop a few together and voila! A beautiful bunch of flowers, which will last forever.

So folks, it really is as simple as that. This could be a fun idea for birthdays, special occasions, and a nice thank you for your kids’ teachers. A homemade gift that is straight from the heart is always welcome in our house.

What kids craft ideas do you have brewing for the upcoming school holidays? Drop a comment below and share with us!

Working in graphic design and with a love for writing, Lauren is a mum to 5-year-old daughter, Ava. Her blog, Me and My Girl, is a fun-filled diary of their adventures across Melbourne: Me And My Girl.

  • Clementine


    I don’t have kids but did this back in my summer babysitting days:

    You need:

    – Cheap blank canvas (the bigger the better)
    – A variety of acrylic paints
    – Some balloons


    Fill a few balloons with some paint (don’t fill them completely, just enough that there’s a good amount of paint in each balloon.

    Head outside with the kiddies. Bring your blank canvas and lean it against a tree, or anything that you wont mind if paint gets on it.

    Give the kids free reign to chuck their paint balloons onto the canvas. Once it’s dry you have yourself a colourful splash art canvas!

    3 July, 2016
    • OH wow Clementine – this sounds like a ripper idea and I bet the kids would lose their minds over it. Going to try this with my nieces when I’m back up in Sydney next!

      4 July, 2016
      • Clementine


        Yes the kids certainly do lose their minds with this project and may go a bit nuts with the paint! Plus it ends up making an art piece with a very personal touch. Word of advice, make sure the kiddies are in old clothes they can get dirty in and ensure there are no cars or precious items around that can get caught in the crossfire!

        5 July, 2016
        • haha wise advice there Clementine. I could totally see me being favourite uncle until the project is complete and I have to explain to my sister why the car and outdoor furniture is covered in hot pink paint!

          5 July, 2016
  • Lauren Peters (Me&MyGirl)


    Hi Clementine, that’s such a fab idea, I love it! Perfect summer fun. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. Best, Lauren

    5 July, 2016

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