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How to make your own letter lights

Craft Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Sign With Light Up Letters

Letter Light Tutorial - how to make your own letter light

Make your own sign with light up letters with kit from Typo

And they want you to be just as creative at home. In fact, they’ve recently teamed up with some of their customers who have a flair for all things DIY to bring you a set of craft tutorials. The whole idea behind this initiative is to show you how easy it can be to whip out some tools and supplies and get making things yourself at home.

In this post, Typo customer Kate is sharing a light up letters sign project that you can customise to suit your space. It’s a letter light sign that you can do on a budget, with minimal effort and with not a lot of tools. So, in other words, my ideal kind of craft activity!

Read on for steps on how to make a light up letters sign…

How to make your own letter lights - tutorial from Typo

Step 1. Pick the word you would like to spell and grab some Typo Wooden Letters. Find the centre of the letters using a ruler to measure, using chalk rule a line down the centre of each part of the letter and evenly mark out where each light will go with a dot. These dots will act as your guide as to where to drill the holes.

Step 2. Decide where you would like to mount your letters; this project uses an A2 blackboard. Measure out even positions for each letter, using the width and length of your mounting board as a guide. Using chalk, trace around the letters so you know exactly where to place the letters on the board.

How to make your own letter lights - tutorial How to make your own letter lights

Step 3. Drill into a marking on one of the letters and test by placing a light through the hole, this will ensure that the lights will fit into the holes once you have mounted the letters. For extra reinforcement, you can glue each letter in place before you begin to drill. If you opt to do this, please allow the glue to dry before you drill.

Step 4. Once your letters are in place, use a power drill to drill the holes along where you’ve marked up each letter with a dot. Ensure that you drill through not only the letter but your mounting board too. This is where you will need to poke your lights in!

How to make your own letter light with Typo

Step 5. Once all of the holes have been drilled, insert your lights from the back of the board until the pop out the front of the letter holes. Any excess cabling can be duct taped to the back of the board so you don’t see any ugly cords!

Step 6. Hang or mount your sign wherever you heart desires, just make sure you leave yourself access to the on/off switch of the lights. Stand back and admire your awesome DIY sign!

>> What do you think of this easy DIY project? Would you give it a go at home? Drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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