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Rustoleum Spray Paint Makeover

A Rustoleum Spray Paint Makeover-come-Makeunder

Rustoleum Spray Paint Makeover

I find many DIY projects involve a bit of trial and error – and I always encourage myself and others to be brave and bold, get stuck in and give these sorts of things a go. I applied this attitude to a respray of my old-school mirror frame last week. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan, though!


As you’ll see below, the mirror started out matt black. It was a bit old and dusty looking, which had been bothering me for quite some time. A recent house move prompted me to get colour confident with this piece, and after some input from you guys on Instagram, I opted to spray paint it bright green.

Vintage Frame on Vintage Side Board with Drinks Tray Vintage Ornate Black Mirror Frame

The beauty of Rust-Oleum spray paint is that it’s a paint and primer in one, so the actually spraying of the piece required nothing more than a quick dust off with a chux. The application only took five or ten minutes and resulted in this bad boy going from drab to fab (to use the most overworked cliche in the biz!).

The issue, though, was not so much the colour. I actually think this hue is pretty phenomenal. Vivid, eye-catching and the gloss really brings out the ornate nature of the piece.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.22.30 PM

Vintage Ornate Mirror Frame Spray Painted Green Vintage Ornate Mirror Frame Spray Painted Green

The issue is the environment I was putting the frame in. As you can see above, it does not bode well for placement on my retro sideboard as the brown and the green clash horribly. It was something I had considered prior to spraying the piece but I decided to give it a go anyway (and hated the result).

A quick trip back to Bunnings scored me another can of Rust-Oleum spray paint. This time, glossy black. It might be hard to see in the pictures, but taking this frame from matt to gloss has made all the difference to the look of the area. The frame and the sideboard now play very well together and the frame is eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Vintage Frame Spray Painted Black - on Vintage Sideboard with Art

The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to make makeover mistakes and DIY blunders. The process of changing this back was super simple and now I have a better understanding with regard to how important the finish of a piece is to the overall result. I’m pretty happy with how this wall looks now – I just want to add a Persian-styled rug and some hanging lighting.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 3.19.57 PM

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