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Annie Sloan Interview

Meet Annie Sloan: A Game Changer for lovers of DIY

I love Annie Sloan types. You know, those creative creatures who’ve made it big by pursuing their passion yet are still completely down to earth. I met this lovely lady when she was in Australia a few months back and that’s exactly how I remember her.

In today’s post, I speak to Annie about her brand, what makes her eco-friendly paint so special and why it’s a game changer for lovers of DIY! Prepare for some dreamy imagery, Creatives!

Annie Sloan Interview Annie Sloan Paint Project

The Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan™ you see in this post is Annie’s own divine creation; dreamt up and made over 25 years ago. It’s a game-changer because it’s like nothing else on the market and definitely brings with it a few unique surprises.

“There was nothing on the market that offered the right texture,” Annie says of her paints, which go on like silk but dry with a chalky finish that lends itself to mid-century, rustic country and French provincial aesthetics.

Born in Australia, Annie moved to England with her family when she was 10 and has called it home ever since. It’s this globe-trotting that’s made her a household name worldwide, with trips to South Africa, France and the US cementing her brand as the go-to paint for DIY-ers who want a no-fuss transformative solution. (Side note: the ombre drawers below are making my heart skip a beat!).

Annie Sloan paint - Table

I’ve tried Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan before and can vouch for the fact that it can do some amazing things to a variety of finishes. There are some very distinct advantages to using this paint, too.

“There is no need to sand or prime a piece of furniture,” Annie explains. “You can literally just paint”.

This revelation is going to shave a tonne of time off your furniture makeover projects, giving pieces a velvety, matte finish. No mixing is required either, but you can easily dilute a colour if you’re keen on seeing some wood grain through the paint.

What blew my mind the most when I saw the paint demonstration in person is that it goes onto walls, floors, wood, metal and fabric, too. Yes – FABRIC! I witnessed a divine lounge chair when I met Annie that’d been completely transformed through the application of her paint, and good Lord was it all sorts of amazing.

Annie Sloan paints

“Chalk Paint is an experience, it’s important to speak to someone about our products,” Annie says, when asked why she sells her paints in bricks and mortar boutique retailers. “Stockists provide demonstrations and workshops to show people just what can be achieved with Chalk Paint”.

Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan is taking the world by storm, so if you’re keen to give some of your pieces a makeover (without any sanding or priming in sight), you need to nab yourself some of this paint pronto.

As I said at the start of this article, Annie is a humble and down to earth type, and when asked what she thinks of being heralded the Queen of Paint, she replies with, “I am just pleased to inspire creativity”.

I’d expect nothing else from this legendary lady!

To find your nearest Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan stockist, simply CLICK HERE

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