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Numbers in Box Frame

Numbers in a Box Frame = Personalised Art

Personalised Art Idea - Put numbers in a box frame

I love personalised art, because let’s face it; anyone can go out to the stores and buy a mass-produced piece of art (snore!). If it’s one design trend I am all over like a rash, it’s the concept of making your space truly one of a kind by using sentimental moments from your own life to really carve out your home’s identity. Case in point: putting numbers in a box frame to commemorate those special occasions!

The entire concept of this personalised art is fairly simple, so this blog post is more inspirational than informative, I’m afraid. All I did for this little project was pop to Spotlight and purchase some small wooden numbers. You can purchase them from just about any craft store and they’re incredibly affordable. The box frame is from Kikki K.

Personalised Art Idea - Put numbers in a box frame

A simple splash of paint is all they needed and once they were dry I simply craft glued them to the back of a box frame and voila – my very own date is saved in art form so I can remember it for years to come. Of course, you can expand this concept beyond lettering and glue any item to the back, be it a piece of jewellery, a pressed flower, a shell or any other memento that holds dear to you. The possibilities really are endless!

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  • Fi

    I took verses from our wedding vows and the song I came down the aisle and printed and framed them as a first anniversary present to my husband who had been very involved in the writing our our ceremony. I used MS Word to shape them into neat square paragraphs and then picked out certain words like; love, cherish, forever etc and increased the font to make them stand out more. It looked great and was a very personal touch for our bedroom art gallery.

    • Fi that sounds like an awesome idea! I would love to see a pic. Perhaps you can upload one and pop it on the TLC facebook page? Thanks for sharing the idea 🙂


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