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i went a little crazy with decorative paper


Once upon a time, a stationery addict discovered that craft stores stocked sheets of decorative, textured paper. Once this discovery was made, covering items around the home with paper got a little out of control…

Be it Spotlight, Lincraft or Kikki K in Australia (or any stationery or craft place near you), so many stores stock sheets of textured paper or solid gift wrapping. I made this discovery recently and picked up a tissue box cover and pencil holder from Spotlight and an awesome six-drawer storage unti from IKEA (Beci Orpin’s book features these too, which delighted me to no end!).


The two pieces from Spotlight were made from a similar MDF-style wood to the breakfast tray I transformed, so I already knew how easy it was to work with this material. The storage unit turned out to be just as easy to convert; all I did was paint the unit a cream colour and then got to work on sticking the paper down.


All you need is craft glue and then simply cut the pieces of paper to size. To do this, it’s best to just lay the item you want to cover down on the decorative paper and use a blade to cut it to fit. After that, stick each individual piece to the wood and you’re done!


Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 8.01.09 PM

ABOVE: This cute storage system holds ribbon, buttons, felt lettering and all sorts of other random craft materials (that cats can’t ever get to – HA!). BELOW: This tissue box cover now looks rather opulent. I used it to dress my recent roadside-to-bedside makeover and I am so in love with the paper!



ABOVE: This little pencil holder is filled with all the stuff I need for my screen printing adventures. I really like the added touch of the pencil holder cover containing text. 

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  • Loving your paper adventures! I have a couple of those ikea drawer units, but have just painted them white. Might have to follow your example if I can find some suitable paper.

    • aren’t the storage units super cute? I say give some paper a go – it’s easy to remove and replace when you get bored (which is something I am constantly lol)


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