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DIY letter Light - Craft Project

Reader Tutorial: How to Make DIY Letter Lights at Home

I love me a craft project and I adore it when local Creatives share theirs with me! In today’s post, TLC reader Vanessa Kettlewell is showing us how to make our very own letter lights, which are not only dreamy in just about any room of the home but are ideal in the lead-up to Christmas, too!

“I chose to make mine, as although I really love all of the letter lights available to buy, when you have 4 small children things can get expensive quite quickly,” Vanessa tells me. “I also love to change things in my home, so I follow the principles of ‘splurge and save’ to allow me to do this”.

DIY Letter Light Project - Letter

An affordable little project with loads of wow factor, I can’t wait to make one of these myself. See below for Vanessa’s guidance on how to make your own letter light – and let me know if you like the look of this beauty in the comments below!

Tools and Materials:

  • LED Battery operated Christmas or fairy lights. Vanessa got hers from Big W for $2.50
  • A large wooden letter – available from Spotlight for approximately $5
  • A hand drill with a standard drill bit. Just make sure the drill bit you use is only slightly bigger than the light ends
  • Paint or spray paint. Vanessa used Iron Lac spray paint as she says it has an amazing range of colours, excellent coverage and dries well
  • Glue, tape or a hot glue gun to secure the lights into place – available at craft stores
  • Important: Vanessa used LED lights as they do not omit heat and are much safer – please do not use power operated lights!


  1. First count the number of lights and mark out with pencil on your letter where you want them spaced
  2. Once marked, drill using a standard drill bit
  3. Paint in colour of choice (allow to dry completely)
  4. Once dry, place lights into holes and work out the best placement for each light as you want to ensure that you can’t see the wires.
  5. Glue into place (using a glue gun on low heat is best)

DIY Letter Lights Project

Additional tips:

“It pays to check how far out you like the lights to be as it effects the glow and amount of light projected,” Vanessa advises. “Once the lights are all secure, you can then tape or glue the wires neatly into place. If you use a glue gun, it must be on low heat as you don’t want to melt the plastic casing of the wires. Blu tac or tape will work just as well but may not be as neat”.

What do you think, Creatives? Will you be giving this project a go?

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  • This looks like a project for me. I have been looking at these for a while but can’t justify the price, but now this just might be my weekend project. Thanks so much.

    31 October, 2014
  • Casey


    I first saw this when you posted the link on your Facebook page and have come back to it today to get all the info to start making Christmas gifts. I can’t wait to get started!

    13 November, 2014
  • Love this so much! Amazingly cheap and easy to do. Thanks for the inspiration.

    17 April, 2015

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