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DIY Cork Placements

School Holiday Activities: DIY Place Mat and Coaster Tutorial

Granted, I don’t have kids, but I do have nine nieces and nephews, so I’ve seen my fair share of kids going bananas during the school holidays and parents going postal as a result (is it because I feed them sugar when I babysit and then hand them back to their mum and dad lol?).

School holiday activities don’t get easier than this one; a kid-friendly DIY project that transforms cork into cute place mats and coasters for your dining table. This divine idea comes courtesy of the very talented Kate Taylor from Taylor + Cloth, who’ll explain how to make it happen below. So grab some cork and let’s get crafting!

DIY Cork Placements

1. Grab yourself some affordable cork placemats, like these ones I bought from IKEA.

DIY Cork Placements

2. Draw your simple (or complex) design on one side.

DIY Cork Placements

3. Grab your cutting mat and Stanley knife and very slowly and carefully cut around the outline you have drawn.

DIY Cork Placements

4. Gorgeous, don’t you think? Now use the off cuts to trace your design on the remaining placemats. Make sure you don’t trace around the finished product though as this will more than likely leave a mark on your placemat!

DIY Cork Placements

5. Once you are all done just grab some spare hands to help set the table and you are all ready to share a meal with your nearest and dearest.

DIY Cork Placements

6. Add a bit of fun to dinner time or theme your placemats and coasters for a special event. I’m thinking kids birthday parties or Christmas – the possibilities are endless!

Thanks Kate – I am loving this project because it is SO easy to do and it’s something you can get the kids excited about. Cork is also super affordable, so you can buy a few packs of these in case you make mistakes and you’re not going to blow the budget (because sometimes I’ve spent hundreds in craft stores without any effort at all – eek!).

You asked for more DIY and craft activities recently, so expect to see more of them on the blog moving forward.

If you have a craft activity you want to share, send it my way so I can feature you on the blog: (or hit the ‘contact’ tab up top!).

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below; are you a fan of this project?

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  • Melissa Lester

    Great idea – so wish ikea was closer…

  • colleen

    Love it


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