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DIY cement pots

7 Crafty things to do with Kids during these Holidays

School holidays roll around in the blink of an eye and often you’re stuck on things to do with kids. Finding an activity they’ll like, but one that won’t have you going postal, is also quite the challenge.

With 9 nephews and nieces in total, I know how tricky it can be to occupy little ones when holidays roll around. But in today’s post, I’m going to show you a few awesome crafty things to do with kids they’re sure to love.

The added bonus of all of these activities is that they’re DIY focussed and the end result will have your home looking amazing. So in essence, the kids are helping you decorate (they just don’t realise it yet!).

So let’s take a look at six of the best crafts things to do with kids these school holidays; all taken from The Life Creative’s DIY vault.

7Β Crafty things to do with Kids these School Holidays

DIY cement pot

1. Make your own Concrete Pot

One of the most popular posts to hit the blog was this concrete pot tutorial. Sent in by an awesome TLC reader, it’s such a great project to get the kids involved in. They can pick the colours and designs they want to put on the pot; you just have to do the dirty work.

Click here to see the full tutorial.

DIY Animal Vase Project - Finished

2. Convert Kids Toys into a Vase

I bet you have kids toys everywhere, and many of them aren’t even wanted or loved by your little one anymore. If they have some old dinosaurs lying about (or something similar), you can easily convert them into vases. There aren’t many steps involved in this one but the results are stellar.

Click here to see the full tutorial.

How to make an artwork from your kids finger paintings

3. Make Art from your Kids Finger Paintings

When it comes to things to do with kids, it doesn’t get better than taking their old fingers paintings (of which I bet you have stacks) and recreating them. All it takes is a few pieces ofΒ your little one’s work, a glass and something to cut with, and you’re done; Instant art for your walls with real meaning!

Click here to see the full tutorial.

DIY headboard tutorial - finished upholstered headboard

4. Make your own Upholstered Headboard

OK, so the kids might not be as thrilled with this concept as you are, but imagine if the fabric you chose for the bed was a Spider Man, Batman, Monster High or similar motif? I bet they’d get excited about this project then! This is one that requires a little more work, but it’s well worth the effort.

Click here to see the full tutorial.

Wool Wall Hanging Step 3 - pic 4

5. Create a Chic Wool Wall Hanging

I love a craft or DIY project that you can make different versions of, and this chic wool wall hanging is just that. Choose to make one giant one, or make several in varying shades to display around the entire house. It’s warmth for your walls with almost no spend!

Click here to see the full tutorial.

DIY letter Light - Craft Project

6. Create your own DIY Letter Lights

Buying your own lights is boring! Why not create your own at home so the kids can personalise them with their own design? This is a fairly inexpensive project, and you’re best to supervise the entire task. But the end result is a light your little one can call their own – and that they took part in creating.

Click here to see the full tutorial.

DIY Cork Placements

7. Whip up some Cork Placemats & Coasters

If your dining table needs a lift, then I reckon this is the project for you. There is some cutting involved in this one that you’ll have to undertake, but your child can then get to work making their coaster and placement completely theirs. You can even do a design on each side, which extends the life of the mat!

Click here to see the full tutorial.

Which things to do with kids is your fave here? I’d love to know if there are some other projects you’ve tried that you’d like to share below. Drop a comment and show off your work.

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