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Industrial Spindle Transformation - Frog Tape

Transform an Industrial Spindle in 6 Easy Steps

The team at Masters gave me free reign in the store at the weekend and I got shopping for some items to transform my old industrial spindle – found on the side of the road last year. Today’s post will show you how it was done in six easy steps!

Industrial Spindle Transformation


First things first; a light sanding goes a long way and gives you a smooth surface to work with. I borrowed a sander from a family member, but Masters have sanders that are easy to use and that are super affordable (score one like this for under $35).

Industrial Spindle Transformation - Sand it


I picked up a loot of plasti-kote spray paint with help from one of the Masters team members when I was in store. To get this project going I started with a white base. This was essential in creating the rustic, graffiti-inspired look I was going for on the top of the spindle.

Industrial Spindle Transformation - Undercoat


Using Frogtape, I started marking out sections across the spindle, creating a stencil effect on the top. This step was crucial, as the white paint beneath needed to come through once I started spray painting the top in multiple colours. The super-absorbent polymer in the tape ensures the paint won’t bleed (so you get a clean line), plus the frogtape I used is for delicate surfaces and will also work on wallpaper and freshly painted areas after 24 hours.

Industrial Spindle Transformation - Frog Tape


I went to town using five different coloured spray paints, randomly filling in the stencil I had created along the top. The best tip here is to ensure you use the colours evenly so no one hue is dominant – and to allow each colour to dry before you start with the next.

Industrial Spindle Transformation - Spray it


I grabbed some off-cut pieces of timber when I was at Masters and used liquid nails to stick them to the bottom of the spindle. This elevated it off the ground. You could also apply castor wheels to the bottom, but wood works just as well and protects the bottom of the spindle from the wet.

Industrial Spindle Transformation - After


Once your paint is dry, simply peel off the Frogtape and get styling. I’m using mine as a table to house plants on the balcony. The result has come out rather rustic which is exactly what I was looking for! What do you think?


Industrial Spindle Masters Voucher Winners

Rebecca Borradale, Michelle Roger and Libby Boyle each win a $50 Masters voucher for sharing their ideas on how to make over the industrial spindle!

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  • Oh wow! A Masters voucher!!! Thank you sooo much! Can you tell I’m excited.

    7 May, 2014
  • oh I do likey very much Mr C. Very much! x

    7 May, 2014
  • Rebecca Borradale


    Thanks so much! Great job as well, loving all your recent posts

    9 May, 2014
  • Colleen carroll


    Great job, looks fantastic x

    10 May, 2014

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