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Papered Thoughts - Rin Dawson

The Creative 10: Rin Dawson from Papered Thoughts

Rin Dawson is a bit of a creative mastermind. A crafty Aussie with a mission to spread more love, she operates the blog Papered Thoughts, which promotes a pen pal letter writing initiative to connect people all over the world. I first met this lovely lady at Unleash Creative Sydney, where she taught attendees to create fun letters to send to loves ones. In this edition of The Creative 10, I discover what Rin’s creative must-haves are, who she looks up to and more!

Papered Thoughts Letter

1. When are you at your most creative?

“When I’ve had enough sleep! I’m a “leave everything to the very last moment” kinda girl too. Brilliant ideas seem to present themselves right before deadline – in the shower, in the middle of the night or as I’m rushing out the door”. 

2. Who is the most creative person you know?

“Just one! That’s not fair! Instagram has opened up an entire community of creatives for me, but I can’t go past my creative mentors Jayde & Steve Leeder, the brilliant masterminds behind “Little Paper Lane” – the colour & light & creativity these two bring to the world is amazing & I feel super lucky to have been taken under their wing”. 

3. What’s your most creative destination?

“Spotlight is a favourite of mine – they’ve really stepped up their creative paper products in the last few months!”.

4. What’s your best creation or creative moment to date?

“Taking part in Unleash Creative Sydney! It was incredible to be able to share something I’m so passionate about in such a beautiful environment!”. 

5. What’s your fave creative read?

“Typography Sketchbooks by Steven Heller & Lita Talarico – I am such a sucker for beautiful typography & sketchbooks”.

Papered Thoughts - Rin Dawson

6. What music makes you feel creative?

“I have an eclectic taste in music. Right now it’s anything from HAIM to Australian hip-hop gods Illy & Hilltop Hoods”. 

7. What’s your one creative must-have at home or the office?

“Double sided tape! Glue is dead and sticky tape shouldn’t be seen outside of moving boxes.. double sided tape is the only way to go. Oh also Kikki K everyday gel pens – the only thing I can write with!”.

8. What creative item are you lusting over at the moment?

“The beautiful greeting cards coming from local designers right now – Rachel Kennedy Designs, Bespoke Letterpress & Ask Alice, to name a few. I mean, what better way to stay in contact with a loved one than with beautiful cards!”.

9. What inspires you to get Creative?

“Honestly, just spreading out all my creative papery goodness on the living room floor & going for it. I was told by a very wise woman (*ahem* Mags) that the scariest thing for a creative is a blank page – you’ve just got to start & let the ideas flow!”. 

10. What’s one creative endeavour you’d like to try or pursue? 

“Oh gosh – take a peek at my pinterest boards – I need an extra 7 hours in every day! Right now I’m “trying” to watercolor – it’s really hard! But i am also pursuing the whole creative workshop scene – I’d love to do more connecting with creatives & spreading my passions & skills!”. 

Rin Dawson

Want to get in on Rin’s gorgeous letter writing initiative? It’s a really feel-good way to spread some love to family and friends or to complete strangers from across the globe!

Click here to hit the Papered Thoughts website and check out how to get started.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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