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Arcadia Liquors Redfern

Decor Destination: Arcadia Liquors in Redfern

Exposed Brick and Industrial Light - Arcadia Liquors in Redfern

I made a conscious decision at the start of the year to get out more and explore new places, especially ones where the decor is a bit hot to trot. When my friend Holly told me I would like the fit-out at Arcadia Liquors in Redfern and that we should go there for a drink, who was I to ignore such a dangling, design carrot? Industrial decor and a cheeky wine – I’m there!

Inside of Arcadia Liquors in Redfern Flower in Glass Bottle Inside Arcadia Liquors in Redfern

I must say, I’m hands-down in love with industrial design and furniture, so I was a little overcome by the exposed brick wall (clean up in aisle four, I just wet myself with excitement). If that wasn’t enough, the vintage mirrors the wall housed, draped with fairy lights, were all sorts of decorator bliss. This is the sort of place where things feel thrown together, though I bet it was carefully thought out by whatever magical creature created the space. And did you see the cement floor? To die for!

Vintage Chair - Arcadia Liquors in Redfern Bar and Seating Area - Arcadia Liquors in Redfern Vintage Art Wall -  Arcadia Liquors in Redfern

The place is decked out with an array of vintage wares and second hand goodies; old glass bottles, clusters of mis-matched chairs and some beautiful old art courtesy of what looks like Vinnies or The Salvation Army. I was in my element sitting amongst it all – getting drunk on the decor alone (I swear the wine had nothing to do with it). Gorgeous flowers sat in bottles on some of the retro tables, too. I love the melancholy one below; truly mellow yellow.

Flower in Glass Jar - Arcadia Liquors in Redfern Candle in Vintage Glass Jar - Arcadia Liquors in Redfern

They even had homemade candles in old glass jars. Now, I know how to make candles from scratch (a DIY project on those coming up soon), so I completely appreciate the effort they’ve gone to here. And better than candles – canines! My friend Holly brought her puppy, Omar, along with her and he worked the room as we enjoyed a toasted sandwich. All in all, I kind of feel like this place was built for me. And on a side note, I want my own Omar. Just look at that dog. Surely two cats and one dog in an apartment is doable, right?

Cute Doggy - Arcadia Liquors in Redfern

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  • Miss Piggy

    Love the interior here – the exposed brick & retro furniture are just my style (and the puppy too – CUTE)!

    • I know right – the exposed brick is to die for! I want to expose some brick in my life!


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