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The Iconic Designs of Marimekko: Why I’m mad for Them!

Marimekko Tableware

In my recent appearance in Real Living mag (check out the spread here), I mentioned that I would love to spend time with the design team at Marimekko. I thought it high time, then, that I show you some of their work in case you weren’t familiar with the Finnish design powerhouse.

Marimekko has been around since the sixties. Its Unikko Poppy, which you can see in the bedding shot below, was one of their first designs and clearly the most popular. It was originally introduced in black and white, but the vibrant pink hue soon became its biggest seller. It was designed by Maiji Isola in a rebellious move against Marimekko, after they openly declared that they would never print a floral pattern (thank the Lord for rebels, right?).

Marimekko Unikko Poppy Bedding


While Jackie O made them famous in the US decades ago, you probably saw some of their designs more recently in Sex and the City (Carrie wore a Marimekko dress in one of the episodes). While clothing and homewares are being focussed on more recently, it’s their iconic fabric designs that make Marimekko so renowned worldwide – and the reason why I personally am so smitten with them!

The Sydney Marimekko store landed a few years back and I took a tour there pretty much moments after the doors opened (it was a pretty exciting moment). I can’t get enough of their bold use of colour, daring designs and the sense of timelessness in each piece they produce.

Marimekko Fabric

If you’re yet to check them out, you really must. I recommend ordering some fabric and lining a tray with it, making a cushion or even framing some so you have a piece of Marimekko design history in your home.

Do you love Marimekko?

Photo Credits for this post: Hero Shot courtesy of http://www.designboom.com/ – Bedding shot courtesy of http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/ – Tea Set shot courtesy of marketimport.com.au and final fabric shot courtesy of boltofcloth.com

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  • Sara McMahon


    Hi I love Marimekko and have been lucky to come across a vintage wallhanging at a garage sale. Would you be able to suggest how I could get it valued? It is not a design that I have found for sale or pictured on the web anywhere in the colourway I have and I may just be convinced to part with it .
    Thanks, Sara

    1 March, 2014

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