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Dorsia Hotel Bathroom

Dorsia Hotel: One for the Colour Lovers!

Never in my life have I seen such a colourful and flamboyant place to stay as Dorsia hotel, which is going to test even the most diehard lovers of bold design. It’s anything but understated, with an interior so OTT that you’d barely belief it actually exists!

Dorsia Hotel Suite Dorsia Hotel interior

Inside the Dorsia Hotel

Situated in Gothenburg, Sweden, Dorsia opened its doors a few years ago after four years in the making. From the outside you’d barely suspect such lavish decor to sit within, and from all reports each visitor is somewhat dumbfounded when they step inside and take in the exuberance. 

I’m a bigtime lover of colour, so this place makes me smile. What the design does well here is keep the decor from becoming too whimsical by reducing the natural light. It has a distinctive nighttime feel to it, with mood lighting adding to the luxurious, decadent vibe. 

I’m a bit smitten with the wallpaper below. And how glorious is that black armchair?

Colourful Hotel - Dorsia Hotel Dorsia Hotel Bathroom

Each of the rooms in the hotel are unique, too, with duvets made from mulberry silk and bed linen of combed Egyptian cotton. It’s a high-end fantasy I’m not sure I’d want to leave after spending a few nights. It’s French-inspired with a slight nod to Marrakech – and the bathroom above is hands-down my favourite part of the place (and not just because I’m obsessed with that style of shower head!). Taking a shower in this space is like a trip to the Emerald City, don’t you think?

CLICK HERE to visit the Dorsia website and find out more (it’s where I nabbed the photos in this post from and there are many more magical snaps to enjoy!

Dorsia Hotel


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