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Etsy at The Cullen - bold blue bedroom wall - feature wall with art

Etsy Creates the Most Amazing Hotel Interior You’ll Ever See

Etsy at the Cullen - Bright Blue bedroom wall

I’ve never wanted to live in a hotel.

I have stayed in some pretty divine places, I must admit (hello Palace Downtown Dubai), but I’m a picky decor lover and it’s rare that I walk into a suite and never want to leave again.

The hotel in today’s post… I think it could just be the one. The room that I never want to leave. The room I could happily be on house arrest in. There are so many good things going on in this space that my mind is blown in every way imaginable. And the best part is that it’s located in Melbourne (where I am going to be living from here on in). Let me at it!

Etsy at The Cullen - bold blue bedroom wall - feature wall with art Etsy at the Cullen - Plyboard Walls Etsy at the Cullen - Kitchen and Dining Area Etsy at the Cullen - Outdoor Area

The photos you see here are of the Cullen Hotel, which is on Commercial Road in Prahran. It doesn’t normally look like this, but it’s part of a special collaboration that the Art Hotel Series did with Etsy, where two very talented designers – M​arsha Golemac and B​rooke Holm – revamped a suite.

Of course, they didn’t just revamp it. They made over the entire space with products from Etsy – created by some very talented creatives from across the country. It was a world first boutique experience that you could stay in – and you could even purchase the products in the room. Truly amazing.

The experience has just come to an end, so sadly you won’t be able to stay in the room as it appears here, but I had to show you anyway, because there are so many divine design ideas you can steal from this space. In particular, I’ve gone batty over that bold blue wall and would like to have a room sprayed with this hue ASAP if not sooner.

I also have to have that stool with the blue legs and that armchair that sits beside it too. Actually, just give me one of everything.

>>> What’s your fave part of this room? Drop me a comment below and share!

And if you wanna see what The Cullen normally looks like, just click here to hit their website.

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