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Coles Insurance for The Block Triple Threat

Judge these Block-Inspired rooms to Win Coles Gift Cards Each Week!

Coles Insurance for The Block Triple Threat

Brought to you by Coles Insurance.

Now, you know that I’m the fourth judge on The Block Triple Threat this season, right? Despite it being unpaid and despite Neale, Shaynna, Darren and Channel 9 knowing nothing about it, I do give my two cents on the room reveals each week and I think it’s only a matter of time before the phone rings and I’m asked to come in for filming!

Coles Insurance, as I’m sure you’ve seen, are backing this season of The Block. What you might not be fully across is the interactive game they’ve created where you and I can become room reveal judges each week to win prizes. Ah, yes thanks; I will be all over this and I will win (not that I’m competitive or anything!).   

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Of course, the weekly rooms in this game are not the actual rooms you see on The Block. We’ve already looked at and reviewed/judged those (click here to see this week’s reveal recap). These are Block-esque rooms featuring some stunning furniture and decor that mirror the look and feel of the rooms on the tele.

The Block Coles Insurance

How the Game Works

Playing this game is super-simple. Simply click here to head over to the Coles Insurance website. Once there, you’ll be asked to guess the value of the contents of the room in question.

What you can Win

There’s a $100 Coles Gift Card up for grabs each week, which will be awarded based on the closest and quickest dollar value guess! Added bonus: there are nine $50 Coles Gift Cards for the next nine best guesses.

What’s the Point?

Have you ever been asked to value the contents of a room in your home? I was once and it totally threw me. Sure, sometimes the large items seem easy to put a value on, but the smaller items really add up – and the truth is you might not be completely across the real value of the contents in your humble abode.

That’s what this game is going to get you thinking about! It’s also, from a decorating and styling perspective, an interesting game in how much it costs to fully furnish a room down to the last cushion. It’s often a little more than you bargain for!

Click here to head to the Coles Insurance website to play

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