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Fox Art by Bon Maxie on The LIfe Creative Blog

Mum Monday: Meet Art Brand Bon Maxie + Win Some Pieces for Your Walls

It’ll come as no surprise to you that we love to support local, especially when the products are as heartfelt as the ones in this week’s Mum Monday post.

Deer Artwork from Bon Maxie Kids Art on The Life Creativre

Bon Maxie is a kids art brand based out of Brisbane that focuses on creating art with heart. The lovely Clare – who is the talented creative behind the brand – started the business earlier this year when she was pregnant with her son, Max.

Clare tells me that the brand began out of her want to contribute to the household – and her urge to get in touch with her artistic side again.

Fox Art by Bon Maxie on The LIfe Creative Blog

“I’m sure I’m not the first new mum to feel ridiculously lost with a new baby and I was struggling with feeling like I wasn’t still able to contribute to the household,” she explains. “When Max went down to sleep at night, I found myself getting back into painting (I’d stopped for a while)”.

Clare started putting the call out for commissioned pieces and the orders started to flow in. She decided it was time to offer the market affordable art that was original and not mass-produced. It wasn’t long before Bon Maxie took shape.

“That helped me feel like I was achieving something other than being a milk machine and the world’s fastest nappy changer,” Clare says.

What’s so good about the artworks Clare produces is that while they started out as art for kids, but big kids at heart are fond of them too.

Kids Art by Bon Maxie Deer Art on The LIfe Creative

“I love that adults are wanting these for their own spaces too – just because they are animals, doesn’t mean they have to be for kids,” Clare says.

The inspiration for the animal range came when Clare and her husband were out to dinner one night.

“My husband spotted a mural with an elephant wearing a hat and the animals with human accessories just flowed from there”.

The funniest part of the Bon Maxi story is the origin of the business name; Clare’s love of Maxibon ice creams played a large part in the decision.

“I love Maxibons. So I started calling Max ‘Maxibon’ when he was first born – but I don’t want people trying to order ice cream on my website – I don’t have the freezer space to cater for that! So Bon Maxie was the next best name for the business”.

If you love kids art brand Bon Maxie as much as I do, enter the competition below to win a four-pack of artworks from Clare in A3 size!

Woodlands Animal art by Bon Maxie on The Life Creative

Win a set of 4 Woodland prints from Bon Maxie

To go in the draw:

– Follow Bon Maxie on Instagram here
– Drop a comment below telling us what you love about this art

Competition open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Sunday October 18

This competition has now closed. The winner was Kate Fahey.

My Mum Fail of the Week

After a attending a friends wedding on Saturday and returning home quite late and yes, a little drunk, sleep was the only thing on my mind! 

The next morning I heard my girls say “Shhhh they’re sleeping, let’s go and make our breakfast”. I was like… this is awesome, I will just rest my eyes a little longer. An hour later I jumped out of bed to see what they were up to. Yes, they made their breakfast alright…. it consisted of chips, marshmallows, strawberries, lollies and chocolate! This my friends was an EPIC #MumFail

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He's also spent time on TV, on Channel 10's Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7's Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

  • Amy


    I have been crushing on these prints by Bon maxie for a while! I used to have a pet hedgehog while livingn overseas called Rodney.. This guy reminds me of him heaps

    12 October, 2015
  • I love your artwork! I love that you made it because you wanted to be a contributer to the household. Plus your art is so unique and gorgeous, simple one time but truly adorable!!!

    12 October, 2015
  • Charlie


    I came across your gorgeous designs through Word on Baby. I love my little mans tee with the handsom Dennis the Deer on the front. Each design is so unique, magical, dreamy and oh so gorgeous. I am a lover and huge supporter of handmade and even more so for mummas who can juggle parenthood and find that important time for them to still enjoy a passion and bring it to life! Well done Clare!

    12 October, 2015
  • Rebecca


    There is something magical about woodland animals and by Clare drawing them with human objects makes them come alive and take on a personality of their own! I can just imagine them talking and going about their day in a lovely children’s story. Absolutely beautiful!

    12 October, 2015
  • Tracee


    Nothing beats beautiful animals but animals with quirky accessories in pared back line drawings is just sophisticated, fun and I’d be proud to have them in my home.

    12 October, 2015
  • Kate


    Discovered Bon maxie on instagram last week and thought these cute little artworks would be perfect for the room I am putting together for my 6 week old bubba. Love the quirkiness of them… they really capture the personality of each little character!

    14 October, 2015
  • My ani-pal loving Love Bug would adore these!

    15 October, 2015
  • Tab


    I love the story behind these creations as much as the creations them selves. Well done to Clare for turning a passion & a talent into something that contributes to her family and let’s her be the mum she wants to be. You’ve created something quite beautiful.

    15 October, 2015
  • These guys are way too adorable! Love the human accessories that give the animals an ever-so cute sophisticated look. Absolutely beautiful work Clare!

    15 October, 2015
  • Boy are those animals cute! In theory they would be for my son’s room, but I think I’d have to keep the fox for myself.

    17 October, 2015

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