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Kids Party Ideas

Kids Party Ideas that Save you Money (and your Sanity)

Kids parties are not for the faint hearted. I’ve been to many in my time and if it’s one thing I see over and over again, it’s stressed parents in need of some wine time and a good lie down (or is that just me? Actually, yes, scrap that – it’s me who usually needs the Savvy B!).

I thought it a good idea to reach out to the queen of events and kids parties, Sammy Hassan from Oh It’s Perfect, to get her advice on executing an amazing event for your little one, how to stay sane on the day and how to keep costs down in what can often be a very expensive endeavour.

Kids Party Ideas that don’t Cost you a Fortune

Kids Party Ideas - Boys Party

Where to Start

“It’s always a good idea to start with a theme. Coming up with a theme is easy, it can be any of your child’s favourite things – activity, colours, characters etc”.

Setting a Budget

“It is very easy to go overboard when planning a party, so setting a budget before hand is crucial to having a stress-free party, that you would enjoy and cherish. I always look at what I have in my home that can be recycled and incorporated as part of the theme. I have used lots of décor items from my daughter’s room, from flamingo lights, to a pineapple money box. We always raid the house first to see what can be used as party décor”.

Kids Party Ideas - VIntage Boys Party

Theming Appropriately

“I think when kids are younger it is easy to do a unisex party, but as they grow older they want to have a say in the theme – and generally boys want to have an activity-based party, whereas girls might settle even on a colour/flower or craft based party, so it is hard to combine the two. Having said that, though, there are plenty of themes that can work equally well for younger boys and girls; circus, jungle, art-themed, pool, ice-cream, Hawaiian etc”.

Catering for the Adults

“Absolutely – especially with younger kids parties, most parents want to stay. There should be a dedicated area for them to be able to sit and chat comfortably, and some food/drinks. It’s always nice to include a message for parents in the invite, something along the lines of ‘Parents are Welcome to Stay’, so there is no confusion”.

Kids Party Ideas - Macaroons

Games and Activities

“Generally if it’s an activity-based party, we skip games. Like my daughter celebrated a spa themed party, and all the girls were pampered like a star. So we didn’t have any games. I still love old-fashioned party games, and we always go with those if there is no activity or entertainment for kids. For example, passing the parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail etc”.

How to Stop Stressing

“Remember it’s a celebration. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Try to have a good time, create good memories, and don’t forget to take family pictures; we do this before the guests arrive. If the parents are dropping off children at the party, don’t forget to ask them about any food allergies”.

What are some of your kids party tips? I’d love for you to share your advice in the comments below. Oh, and just to let you know, all images in this post come courtesy of the Oh It’s Perfect website.

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