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My Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster

Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster

Not long after I attended the Temple & Webster styling workshop at iscd a few weeks back, Karen McCartney and the team from T&W were kind enough to ask me if i’d like to spend an afternoon at their headquarters, to which I replied (to quote Geri Halliwell in the acclaimed movie Spice World) “Is the Pope a Catholic?” Needless to say, I had kittens, died from excitement, resuscitated myself and high-tailed it to their Alexandria warehouse for a behind the scenes tour – camera in hand!

Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - FoyerBehind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - GlobeBehind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Glass Bottles

Before I discuss how amazing it was to get insight into the creative process at T&W, let me take a moment to explain how breathtaking their workspace is. A warehouse-come-office in the heart of Alexandria’s industrial area, it contains all the features you’d come to expect from a company that showcases beautiful decor every day; high ceilings, white walls, dark floorboards and light flooding through windows. Decked out with some pre-loved furniture and accessories from the moment you step foot in the door, it really is a treat for the senses.

Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Stylist and Photographer Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Photographing Homewares Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Photographing Homewares

The team go to great lengths to showcase the items they offer in the best possible light. It was an insightful experience to witness the organised chaos that went around photographing the likes of a small bowl or mug. But this is what they do every day. Stylist Jessica Bellef (pictured above), who can often be seen on the T&W blog, explained that there’s a massive amount of wares coming in and out of the place on any given day, as the team work to style it, shoot it and send it back.

Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Photo Assessment Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Office Floor

Being a sub editor myself, I was eager to hear about the words of Temple & Webster. Enter Editor Victoria Baker (pictured below), who crafts the words that give Temple & Webster its voice. Overseeing the website, blog and all aspects of social media is no walk in the park, although her love of interiors and design certainly makes it an easier one. You’ll also notice the one and only Karen McCartney in the photo below, who is on deck as Editorial Consultant. It was such a pleasure to sit down with these talented ladies to learn more about all things T&W.

Behind the Scenes Tour at Temple & Webster - Victoria Baker and Karen McCartneyChris Carroll with Victoria Baker and Karen McCartney

A big thank you must go out to Josh McNicol, Temple & Webster’s Head of Marketing, for inviting me in and overseeing my tour. The good news, Creatives, is that I have been invited back to lend a hand on the styling front, so I am going to have some hands-on experience in the industry! If you’d like to know more about Temple & Webster and nab yourself some beautiful homewares, jump onto their website – their blog is truly stunning.

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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  • Gavin

    Amazing. I want to work there. Are they looking for an insurance consultant, or someone with a degree in ancient history? Totally relevant to their business…

    • I want to work there too – take a number and get in line 😉


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