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Fun Friday: Which of these 5 Interiors are You?

I thought it high time we have a little fun on TLC as we near the end of the week – and put some of my fave girl group into interior design. On the blog today are five fabulous interiors, with a little Spice Girl flavour present in each. The question is, which Spice room are you? Take a look and make your choice known in the comments below.

Spice Girls Interior - Ginger Spice Living Room

Playful and full of character, this interior is all about the cheeky and whimsical. With a very obvious nod to all things English, it also channels a slightly rustic vibe. Pops of red keep this look lively, while leather finishes give it a sense of maturity.

Spice Girls Interiors - Baby Spice Living Room

Subtle and elegant, this interior channels a calm and feminine vibe. With soft textures and floral patterns, it aims to be a sanctuary that you can unwind and relax in. There’s nothing too loud about this one – it’s all about subdued sophistication.

Spice Girls Interior - Scary Spice Living Room

Brash and bold, this interior channels its animalistic side – literally – with animal hide and leather at the forefront. Exotic and elaborate, the space exudes confidence, with just the right amount of shine and glimmer to keep it from going too masculine.

Spice Girls Interiors - Sporty Spice Living Room

Lovingly laid-back, this interior is understated and effortless. With industrial elements and graphic patterns, the devil is in the detail. There’s nothing in-your-face about this look, just a good dose of relaxed individuality. Blue tones keep it calm and casual.

Spice Girls Interior - Posh Spice Dining RoomPOSH
This room has luxe written all over it, with dark furniture and rich pops of gold. With a few white elements and some unexpected decor items, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Finishes are of a high standard and lines are kept clean. It’s formal but fun.

spice girls interiors

Photo Credits: Image one via Temple & Webster, two via aysii.com, three via interiordesignpro.org, four via garrisonhullinger.com and five via sukio.com

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