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Seasonal Concepts

Vintage Enchantment: Inside the amazing Seasonal Concepts in Redfern

Violet Roses - Season Concepts

The day I walked into Seasonal Concepts it wasn’t even intentional. I was at a florist up the road and was told I simply HAD to check out this amazing store that housed giant taxidermy, flowers, homewares and vintage furniture. Say no more, I thought – I’m there!

What I discovered when I walked into the store was truly remarkable. I want to apologise in advance for the long post; it’s loaded with photos of this styling paradise, but I couldn’t help it (you should of seen my during the photo cull process – a painful experience!).

Everything in this place feels must-see; giant animal heads, flowers you don’t find in florists, retro pieces that feel remarkably nostalgic and some surprise elements that feel totally spooky-come-spectacular.

The photos kind of speak for themselves – and I’ll let you be the judge on the taxidermy…

Taxidermy Mouse Head - Seasonal Concepts Vintage Set of Drawers - Seasonal Concepts Cricket Balls in Box - Seasonal Concepts

I’m not usually one for taxidermy (I tend to see it in birds more than anything else), but seeing the giant moose and buffalo heads felt somewhat out of this world. The sheer size of them was breathtaking. Are the animals really that big in nature? The eyes staring back at you were half intimidating but half fascinating. I’m still undecided on how I feel about it, but it definitely made an impression!

Taxidermy Buffalo Head - Seasonal Concepts Vintage Lighting Edison Globes - Seasonal Concepts Vintage Telephone - Seasonal Concepts

I’ve always gone bananas over a vintage telephone like the one you see above (even before Carrie got one on Sex and the City), so I swooped over to it as soon as I laid eyes on it, while the little bowl of toy cars below took me straight back to being an eight year old. Further down, the glass bottles were another fab moment – I can’t get enough a vintage glass bottle!

Toy Cars - Seasonal Concepts

Weathered Signage - Seasonal Concepts Vintage Glass Bottles - Seasonal Concepts Animal Skull - Seasonal Concepts

Vintage Lantern - Seasonal Concepts Vintage Rollerskates - Seasonal Concepts

I was told while I was there that this haven is a bit of a go-to destination for stylists across the country – and after being in this space I can see why. It is filled with so many moments – and plenty of props you could use in a photo shoot or film. PS: can a female in my life PLEASE purchase the skates above? They are just too good!

What are your thoughts on this tour? I’d love you to share your fave snap in the comments below!

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  • Lee Mills


    wow and wow this place looks amazing…I have to visit for sure, talk about creativity overload (did you have a headache after you had left??) thanks for sharing x

    13 March, 2014

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