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Colourful Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cups - Yellow Octopus

10 Quirky Kitchen Accessories that are Packed with Colour

I’m down with the notion of having a subdued bedroom and I’m all for keeping your living room sophisticated, but when it comes to the kitchen, you gotta let in the colour and quirk! This zone of the home is where you can afford to be whimsical, introducing pieces that give a nod to all things playful. Even in the most high-end kitchens, it’s always nice to discover a decor delight that reminds us all to stop being so serious.

Today’s post is that in a nutshell, as I share 1o of my fave colourful and quirky kitchen accessories. You know I like to hear from you in the comments below, so don’t hesitate to let me know which of these finds is your fave!

Colourful Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cups - Yellow Octopus

Baking should be a fun affair, especially if kids are involved. I don’t have little ones but I do like to make time in the kitchen as carefree as possible. The Nest Measuring Cups above are a great way to add some colour and quirk to your culinary creations.

I’m no baker by any means (do not let me near an electric beater), so when I do dabble in a bake-a-thon, it needs to be easy and breezy. My partner is far more kitchen-friendly, so I might get these for him! Click here to shop these cups (they’re only $24.95 for a set of five).

And check out nine of my other must-have kitchen accessories, all with links to where you can purchase them!

Colourful Kitchenware - Yellow Octopus

Top Row
ManaTea Strainer and Infuser, $14.95 by Fred and Friends
Lid Sid Pot Steam Vent – Set of 2, $19.95 by Monkey Business
Salt and Pepper Bots, $27.95 by Suck UK

Middle Row
1950s Retro Kitchen Wall Clock, $69.95 by IS
Karato Carrot Sharpener and Peeler, $18.95 by Monkey Business
Soho Magnetic Spice Containers, $99.95 by Soho Spices

Bottom Row
Cappuccino Tree Bamboo Set, $59.95 by Present Time
Pantone Mugs, $21.50 each by Pantone
Safari Cookie Cutter, $15.75 by Suck UK

All prices are correct at time of publishing.

Yellow Octopus

This is a TLC Solution for Yellow Octopus.
Click Here to check out their website.


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