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Concrete Planters

10 Must-Have Planters for the Home.

I’m so cold as I write this post that my foot has gone numb. Damn you winter, damn you! I do rather like the cold, actually, but if it’s one thing that’s a downer about the colder months it’s that plants tend to be forgotten about until September. This post aims to change all that, by showcasing 10 breathtaking planters that’ll inspire you to bring the outside in!

Concrete Planters

The planters above are giving me heart palpitations – that’s how good they are. Concrete, plants, triangles, paint; does it really get any better than this? These ones, like all the planters in this post, are available via Etsy. CLICK HERE to shop the Fox and Ramona planters above, and see below for my other top nine.

And PS: Should I be concerned about the foot going numb lol?

10 must-have planters

Top Row:
Dinosaur Planter, $25.68 by Boy Girl Tees
Ceramic Skull Planter, $45.90 by Mud Puppy
Cross House Planter, $25.14 by The Little Red Cabin 

Middle Row:
Air Nest Air Plant Holder, $20.22 by Bigger than Little
Mason Jar Wall Planter, $32.79 by Tickled Pink Goods
Triangle Concrete Pot Set, $78.69 by Rough Fusion 

Bottom Row:
Vintage Copper Cup Planter, $60.11 by HRUSKAA
Folded Hands Porcelain Planter, $25.14 by Sculpture in Design
Puppy Dog Planter, $26.23 by The Yarn Kitchen



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Chris Carroll

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3 Responses

  1. I find my plants especially my succulents grow heaps better this time of year they seem to love the cold! I really like the air plant one, I’m thinking about hanging some in my laundry which I’m just about to renovate. It gets a lot of sun in there and I could hang them in front of the window 🙂

    1. Good idea for the laundry Michelle. And you KNOW when you renovate, that you need to take before and after shots for me, right? 😉

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