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Industrial Office

4 Steps to Achieve an Industrial Office

I adore an industrial space. They feel edgy, sophisticated and contain just the right amount of grit for my likings. If you’re in a similar boat and are looking to jazz up your office or workspace, it’s as easy as following these four simple steps (and bringing in a few of these wonderful wares).

Industrial Office
1. You need some wood

And a desk is a great place to feature it. Wood makes a space feel rustic and masculine – perfect for an industrial setting. It also keeps the look from becoming too chilly, as long as the wood features some warm tones.

2. Metal is a must.
The more aged and battered, the better. Metal is best brought in through desk accessories like the ones here from Typo. They bring the right amount of cool without the look going too cold.

3. Keep base tones dark.
An industrial look is anything but whimsical, so keep the base colours fairly dark and uncomplicated (avoid feminine pattern). This will then allow you to drizzle in some colourful pieces through affordable accessories.

4. Choose an accent colour.
The look will come alive but not become too juvenile if you choose one accent colour and sprinkle it into the desk setting. Here, red is the perfect compliment to all those dark tones.

Industrial Office Homewares from Typo

The Industrial Living range from Typo is your best bet to achieve this vibe!
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