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IKEA PS 2014 Collection

My Top 5 Picks from the new IKEA PS Range

I always go batty for a new product range, and the latest pieces from the IKEA PS Collection are definitely making my heart skip a beat. Bold, bright and futuristically functional, these five are by far my fave from the range. Time to high-tail it to IKEA Temple, stat!

IKEA 2014 PS Collection - Side Table

1 | Completely obsessing over the storage table. It plays right into my love of colour and is a useful piece that would work in just about any room. I love the meeting of form and function in here. It’s my bedside waiting to happen.

IKEA 2014 PS Collection Shelf

2 | I don’t think features get more glorious than this stunning Wall Shelf. Not only does it feature a load of horizontal real estate, but with numerous knobs and hangers, it’s set to be the new hub of your home – housing anything and everything!

IKEA 2014 PS Collection Terrarium

3 | A greenhouse is now an affordable option for those who live in small spaces of don’t have the inclination to get too ambitious with greenery (that’s me!). The Greenhouse comes in two colours and is ideal for apartment living.

IKEA 2014 PS Collection Pendants

4 | The Pendant Lamp is a little George Jetson in the best way possible if you ask me. Loving the look of this lighting option. Above a dining table like this is just bliss-filled, though I reckon these would look at-home in a bedroom, too.

IKEA 2014 PS Collection - Rug

5 | The PS low pile Rug is a geometric dream – and Lord knows I love me some geometry when it comes to my homewares and decor pieces. The warm colours are great for Autumn too – they’d really make a space cosy and inviting!

Are you loving IKEA PS?

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Comments (3)

  • Deb

    Yup the rug

  • Jodie

    I have my feet resting up on that gorgeous rug as I type. Looks just as great in my loungeroom as it did in the catalogue. (would’ve liked it if it came in larger size though).

  • Colleen carroll

    Love the rug and the greenhouse.


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