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Storage Solution - Laundry Basket

7 Storage Solutions that look Amazing, too!

Storage is a necessity in any home, but sometimes it can verge on the downright snoozey in terms of look and feel. These seven storage solutions demonstrate that keeping your bibs and bobs in their place is a design delight that can be enjoyed 24/7! Let’s get all over these ideas, shall we?

Storage Solution - Kids room

For the Kids Room

Shelving on wheels is a great idea for a kids space. As they grow and wish to change their room around, they can move it wherever they – or you – like. Placing square boxes, baskets or buckets in here would be a nifty idea to hide toys away in! CLICK HERE to shop the look!

(Want kids decorating ideas? CLICK HERE and get advice from 4 Mums who’ve done it!).

Storage Solution - Laundry Basket

For the Laundry

Never let your laundry be the neglected space in your abode. It can look devilishly handsome if you add in a few decor delights like the clothes bag above. This is a whimsical additional to your pad that would almost makes washing clothes fun (almost). CLICK HERE to shop the look.

Storage Solution - Crochet Bowl

For the Bedside

A hand crochet basket is a gorgeous way to add some warmth to your bedside and it’ll hold a nice collection of your precious possessions. Using this as a base for a vignette is a genius idea and allows you to pair it with just about anything. CLICK HERE to shop the look.

Storage Solution - Ombre Basket

For the Living Room

This glorious ombre basket is just crying out for throws to be placed in it, making it an essential piece to keep beside your lounge. This gem has a real coastal feel to it as well, so if you’re drawn to that interior aesthetic, you’d be mad to turn this down. CLICK HERE to shop the look.

Storage Solution - WIne Bottle Holder

For the Dining Room

Nothing says ‘drink me’ like a well-presented bottle of wine does – and a little house like this contains them perfectly. It’s a little weathered and rustic too, so it feels somewhat masculine. This is one of those gifts that you give to the man in your life that’s really a present for you! CLICK HERE to shop the look.

Storage Solution - Vintage Wooden Crate

For the Fireside 

Imagine these boxes filled to the brim with freshly chopped firewood. That would be my first use for them (if I had a fireplace, of course), but these could also hold blankets or be used for storage in a kids room, the kitchen – just about anywhere. I love the writing and imagery on these too; very industrial. CLICK HERE to shop the look.

Storage Solution - Indutrial Arrow Shelf

For the Hallway 

Nothing would jazz up your hallway more or add visual interest to any zone like this arrow shelf wood. The industrial vibe of this piece makes it truly eye-catching and the mesh back – even when filled with books – would still show through in places, giving you some peaks into decor heaven. This is my fave of the lot! CLICK HERE to shop the look.

Storage Solution


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