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Art Ideas for Kids Rooms plus Other Fab Finds for Little Ones

If you’re after some art ideas for kids spaces, today’s post has you covered. I’m lifting the lid on some of the best kids decor brands on the market, so you can nab some cute kit for your little one’s room that they’ll love (as just as importantly – you will too!).

Chris Carroll from TLC Interiors

I get seriously clucky around kids. Between myself and my partner, we have 9 nephews and nieces in total, and let me tell you; it’s such fun to hang around with them. That is, of course, until they dirty their nappy; then I couldn’t be more delighted to hand them back to mum and dad.

Thankfully, they’re all out of that stage now, which I’m sure for the parents reading this, is just as exciting a time for you to see come to an end as it is your extended family.

That’s my nephew Callum and I in the photo you see here. How cute is he? He’s possibly my favourite because he always says to me, “C is for Callum and C is for Chris”. #Adorable!

Art ideas for kids rooms, along with other things you can pop up on the wall, is the focus of today’s post. Because we’ve moved well beyond posters of Dora the Explorer in little one’s spaces these days, and there are some seriously stellar brands creating gorgeous work (and they’re all local too, which I love).

So let’s take a look at some truly divine decor ideas for kids rooms.

Art Ideas for Kids Rooms plus Other Decor Finds

Just_Be_You_Always_Print_in_Pink_by_White_Forest_Home_The_Life_Creative_Shop_1024x1024 superhero_print_by_White_Forest_Home_The_Life_Creative_Shop_1024x1024

Colourful Quote Art

Anyone who reads this blog or follows me on Instagram knows that I love a good quote, so it goes without saying that popping a colourful one on your little one’s wall is a genius move.

These ones from White Forest Home are so fun, bold and bright – and so utterly heartfelt too. There are great options for boys and girls rooms, plus unisex prints that the whole family will love.

See more of the range by clicking here.

Okay Luna Safari art Flamingo wall art zebra wall art TLC Interiors

Safari Friends Art

If your little one loves animals and isn’t afraid of high velocity hue on their walls (and what kid doesn’t love colour?), than the Safari range from Okay Luna is a divine option.

The great thing about this range is that the designs come in prints or larger scrolls (with pom pom embellishments on them), so you can choose your fave animal and have him or her in two different sizes if you wish.

See all of the animals on offer by clicking here.

Watermelon_Print_by_Minty_Prints_on_The_Life_Creative_Shop_1024x1024 Pear_Print_by_Minty_Prints_in_The_Life_Creative_Shop_1024x1024

Fabulous Fruit Prints

The watermelon motif is showing no signs of slowing down, which is what makes the awesome art above so special. But if you want to move beyond the melon, there are pear options in this range from Minty Prints as well as a divine ice cream artwork too.

There are also bear, fox and rabbit designs in this collection, which are super cute and sure to capture your little one’s attention.

Take a look at them all by clicking here.

Flamingo_Wall_Hook_in_Pale_Pink_by_Knobbly_in_The_LIfe_Creative_Shop_1024x1024 Lightning_Bolt_Wall_Hook_in_Black_by_Knobbly_on_The_Life_Creative_Shop

Sublime Wall Hooks

If you’re up for exploring ways to make your kids walls shine but want to go beyond art in frames, it’s time to consider the array of superb wall hooks that are on the market.

The ones above from Knobbly are so so cute – and there are so many design and colour options available; flamingos, lightning bolts, bunny ears, pineapples and more.

Check out the entire collection by clicking here.

Felt_Ball_Garland_by_Little_Puddles_in_The_Life_Creative_Shop_Pastel_Gelato_Dusty_Rose_1024x1024 Felt_Donut_Garland_by_Little_Puddles_in_Berry_Smoothie_in_The_Life_Creative_Shop_1024x1024

Gorgeous Felt Garlands

Nothing brings a sense of whimsy into a kid’s space like a garland, and these felt ones from Little Puddles are truly divine.

What makes this local brand so special is that there are SO many colour and style options available, so you can choose a garland that suits your specific style perfectly.

My faves are the donut ones, but there are more choices available that are just as special.

See the collection by clicking here.

Kokeshi Dolls Clown doll Thief doll Astronaut Doll TLC Interiors

Kooky Kokeshi Dolls

The first time I saw Kokeshi dolls I let out a little gasp of excitement. I’d never seen anything like them before and there are some truly divine designs on offer.

The three you see above are the most suitable for a little one’s room, but have a look around until you find one that feels just right.

These are great to display on bedside tables or shelves in your child’s room, and some come with matching wall hooks that are amazing as well!

Click here to see more dolls in the range.

Catnap pillowcase by My Sweet Prints TLC Interiors

Catnap Pillow Case

This one is a TLC fave because not only does my niece have one on her bed, but I have one on my own too – and it rocks my world.

If you have an adorable cat in your house (I have two feisty felines) than this pillowcase from My Sweet Prints is a no brainer for your little one’s room.

Featuring a black and white colour story, it’s so easy to work it in with their existing bedding. They’ll adore it and your cat will too (the cat won’t show it though).

Click here to find out more about it.

What’s your fave find from this curation of art ideas for kids rooms and other decor gems? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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