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big w homewares winter 2018 fake flowers in vase

BIG W just dropped Game-Changing Winter Decor

I don’t want to alarm you, but BIG W’s winter range of homewares have landed in-stores and you’re going to have to cancel tomorrow’s plans immediately. Kids soccer practice: cancelled. Celebrating a family birthday: cancelled. Wedding to attend: cancelled (even if it’s your own!).

Trust me, I’ve seen and played with the new pieces from BIG W’s winter range and can confirm with all certainty that you will lose your absolute mind over it all. I’m talking bargain homewares buys from as little as two or three bucks – and they all tap into the latest interior trends you know and love.

So lemme show you just some of the goodness I got my hands on this week from the BIG W homewares range – and I’ll even pop the links down below too so you can shop up a storm!

Best Bits from the BIG W Homewares Drop

big w blue cushions on tlc interiors

Can we Start with this Cushion Situation?

You know me; never met a cushion I didn’t like. I’m all having about 50 at the head of the bed and just as many sprawled across my sofa and armchair.

BIG W had an entire wall of cushions to choose from when I went in-store, and as you can see here, I put together a Hamptons-inspired collection. They have the faux furs, the wovens, the velvets, the geo patterns and even tasseled cushions too.

I stuck with a blue and white colour palette but there are lots of black and pink and grey options to choose from as well. The options are almost endless and they have cushions starting at $5 (I know!!!).

Pictured Here:

  • House & Home Micro Mink printed Cushion in Blue – $10 (click to shop)
  • House & Home Faux Fur Cushion in Cloud Dancer – $15 (click to shop)
  • House & Home Woven Cushion 45cm x 45cm in Grey Blue (click to shop)
  • Tasselled Cushion in Blue (available in-store)

big w blue knit cushion winter homewares range

Let’s not Forget about the Throws!

Now, I can’t go on a minute longer without discussing the throws. Because what is a sofa or bed without a throw? Incomplete! Throws are the last layer I always pop into a room to add warmth, but the good news is that these throws do double duty; they look good and they’re cosy to the touch. And who doesn’t adore a pom pom (especially one you didn’t have to make!)?

Pictured above is the Pom Pom Throw in Slate and you can shop it here. Though it’s worth noting that there are tonnes of throws available in a whole range of colours if pom poms aren’t your thing.

big w fake orchid in white bathroom with black taps

Onto my Fave Moment: The Fakies!

As you know, I’ve made it my personal mission to get the country as obsessed with fake plants and flowers as I am. So when I saw all of the glorious artificial greenery and blooms BIG W had on offer this week, it was a case of Cleanup in Aisle 4!

Seriously, get a load of the artificial orchids above! Can you stand it, because I can’t! They were the first thing I popped in my trolley and I’d highly recommend you follow suit when you visit. They’re so incredibly lifelike and the added bonus, of course, is that they won’t die on you the way the living cheeky buggers do.

Outside of the orchids, there’s also other blooms and plants too. I got me a few of the $12 Chrysanthemum posies (shop them here) and popped them in one of BIG W’s blue and white vases. It kept the Hamptons vibes going from the sofa to the coffee table. It’s all about the style story across the whole room, after all!

Pictured above is the Large Wood Effect Vase for just $15 – shop it here.

big w grey mug bowl and teapot

Dinnerware and Crockery for Days

I love me a brekkie in bed moment. Not that I ever get one because the cats would be up in my grill and eating my toast. But if you’re keen to indulge, or want to get your mitts on some new dinnerware, BIG W has loads of it (and it is so affordable!).

I like my tableware to be quite subdued in nature, so I got a few pieces in a gorgeous grey. What I love about the dinnerware is that you buy each piece individually. Seriously, the days of dinner sets are over! I love that you can mix and match different colours to create your own unique story at home.

How cute is the teapot, mug and bowl above? They’re part of the Design House range and the prices start from $3 – pure insanity!

big w winter homewares range tlc interiors

Update Little Pockets for Less

Outside of the cushions and throws, and beyond the fake flowers and dinnerware, there’s lots of little vignette additions to be had at BIG W. From trays and candles to photo frames and vases, it’s phenomenal design at every turn and the prices are fabulous.

I’m all for doing small updates as the seasons change. There’s no need to go buy all-new furniture to make your home feel refreshed. Do it on-the-cheap! And by cheap I mean affordable, not bad quality. Because as I can attest from handling them myself, BIG W homewares are packed with quality!

So you’d better hop to it and deck out your place for winter. Because if I see your bed on Instagram and there’s less than 7 pillows and cushions on it (and no throws) there is going to be trouble!

big w gold initial mug on tlc interiors

You Need to See the Lot!

If you wanna see all the lastest decor from the BIG W homewares drop, click here.

What’s your fave moment from the new BIG W homewares range? Drop me a comment below and let me know what’s making your heart skip a beat!

All of the stock levels will vary from store to store, but trust me when I say you’re going to find something you love.

I should also mention, this post was produced in partnership with BIG W.


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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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11 Responses

    1. Hey Penelope, I haven’t, no. I don’t think it’s my place to tell retailers how to manage or layout their websites, so I think I best leave that to someone else 🙂

  1. Thanks for your prompt reply Chris,

    I was asking what was the colour Grey you were referring to in regards to The Hamptons Kitchen.( yep paint colour )

    At the moment my kitchen is painted in Grand Piano Quarter .. Dulux ) and I feel, as you mentioned my shaker style cabinets would ” pop ” in soft grey painted walls.

    I will definitely join your FB page.

    Happy Fan

  2. Love,love,love your blog.

    The idea of soft grey for the kitchen sounds great especially to offset white cabinetry.
    Can you please advise the make and actual grey colour you would suggest.

    Big Fan

  3. I always love your posts Chris & I do absolutely love the fact that the likes of Kmart, Target & Big W are getting in on the decorating & design deals. HOWEVER & it’s a bit of a big ‘however’for me. Big W & Target are guilty of this exact thing. One word ‘WEBSITES’. PLOISE POIPLES can we just get it right. You’ve got Big W with no real rhyme or reason to their ‘Homewares’ section of their website. Oh no, it’s not the usual merchandised display of ‘go together’ items. There’s batteries, throws, cushions, curtain rings, toys, photo frames, grandma brag books all thrown in under one category. C’mon poiples can we GET IT TOGETHER SERIOUSLY!!! At least Kmart are on the ball but I do wish the others would follow suit. Chris can you have a chat to them about it as you would have some influence with these retailers.

  4. Your amazing, love reading your blog
    In the first photo there is a blue and white vase that I need, is it from big w as I can’t find it online

    1. Hey Sognia. It’s definitely from BIG W. Some of the items are in-store only so I couldn’t link to it on their website. I guess that’s half the fun; heading in and seeing what’s on offer 🙂 Hope you find one of them – they’re lovely!

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